Tuesday, January 25, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

The Most Common Causes Of Fatigue with Evan Brand

Transcript: https://www.theenergyblueprint.com/evan-brand/
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In this episode, I am speaking with functional medicine practitioner, Evan Brand about the biggest causes of fatigue, especially mold.

In this podcast, Evan and I discuss:

How easily mold can be overlooked as the cause of fatigue issues
Why mold is now such a problem of epidemic proportions when it never was in the past
The reason Dr Brand thinks that mold is the root cause of candida and numerous other problems
The smartest treatment approach to fixing mold issues – essential supplements
Removing mold from your home, clearing it from the air you breathe and improving air flow so it doesn’t return
How low stomach acid is at the heart of many health issues (and who should be worrying about this)
Why brain-training can be useful (vital even) but is rarely the answer on its own
How navigating the modern world means relearning how to live in the present moment, taking off your shoes and walking outside.

Show Notes:
The number 1 cause of fatigue (11:00)
How to approach and overcome mold toxicity (23:40)
Is psychological stress the biggest cause of illness? (39:13)
The best approach to overcome fatigue (43:40)
The best strategy to live life to the fullest (55:39)


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