Friday, May 27, 2022
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Ben's 33 Best Practices for Longevity

After a 20-year bodybuilding career, everyone asks why I’ve changed the way that I train, and why I approach fitness and health so differently after retiring from competition. As I continue to build upon the foundation of being lean, healthy, and muscular for life, longevity has become a huge focus for myself and the high-achieving individuals who go through Muscle Intelligence training.

Today’s episode offers you the BEST techniques and habits to bridge the gap between intelligent muscle-building and longevity. Today’s 33 tools are immediately applicable for men and women of ALL ages who aim to show up as their best selves day in and day out.

You’ll learn:
– Everyday practices to help you maintain quality of life as you get older (and why it’s SO important to start young).
– Nutritional and supplemental protocols to optimize performance, energy, and cognition.
– Why muscles are EXTREMELY important, valuable organs.
– How intentionality, clarity, and mindfulness transform into true fulfillment.
– Plus…the ONE factor that defines the entire aging process.

P.S. Today’s episode comes with a special offer: I’ve got episode notes for you (copy & paste: that make it easy to keep today’s tips with you as you move through the rest of your month, year, and life. The episode notes PDF includes links to all episodes, websites, and people that I’ve mentioned in this episode. Share them with someone that you know will find them valuable!


0:00 Bridging the gap between intelligent muscle building and longevity.
1:00 Thank you to today’s sponsor, BiOptimizers Biome Breakthrough!
4:30 Reversing the aging process.
6:30 #1
10:30 #2
12:30 #3
16:00 #4
16:45 #5
18:15 #6
21:00 #7
23:30 #8
25:30 #9
26:15 #10 and #11
27:20 #12
28:10 #13
30:20 #14
31:30 #15
33:00 #16
35:45 #17 and #18
37:30 #19
39:30 #20
39:50 #21 and #22
40:00 #23
41:00 #25
41:30 #26, #27, and #28
41:45 #29 and #30
43:10 #31
43:40 #32
44:30 #33
47:00 One big concept.
49:30 Best practices for everyday.
52:00 The Muscle Intelligence mission and what it means to be a high achiever.
54:20 Thank you to BUBS Naturals for sponsoring the podcast!
56:00 Please share this episode if it was valuable for you.


Thank you to today’s sponsor, BiOptimizers Biome Breakthrough (! Biome Breakthrough contains powerful probiotics, prebiotics, and specific proteins to optimize the gut microbiome and support your immune system so that you are strong, healthy, and able to tackle your 2022 goals.

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