Saturday, January 28, 2023

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25 thoughts on “Reverse Your Age: What To Eat & When To Eat For LONGEVITY! | Dr. David Sinclair
  1. 'Scheduled an Inside Tracker blood draw to get that genetic age mapped – like David, I plan to live beyond 120 (quality of life intact) – time is a construct of gravity, and our need to show up in unison for lunch dates. This is such encouraging information!!

    * My spine collapsed took 15 years until I was able to get it bionically rebuilt in 2016 … Shawn, feel your pain, glad you got that bone/back issue addressed dude. Let's meet for lunch in 50 years. πŸ˜€

  2. Amazing interview.
    As biologist, who learned genetics, I have been always interested in how to increase Life span and quality.
    It's very interesting that a point is never addressed: reproduction, being able to understand the impact of our genetical resources in order to pass our best genetical info to the next generation.

  3. Nowadays people dont want to live longer, unfortunatly that is the oposite. That is the reason for alcohol and chocolates to sell more than veggies. Try to change the title and use "foods to make you happier" and will get many more views… The problem of food is not what they put on it or how they prepare it, the problem of healthy, longevity etc is on peoples souls… We are becaming machines like our phones, with no self mind, no desire and we are looking everytime more to feed like machines (from fast energy) sugar, coffe… We need to feed from humanity again!

  4. He has really healthy looking skin—- You can tell a person's health by how healthy and vibrant the skin looks. No red inflammation anywhere– look at his face—his hands

  5. I wish you could get in touch with Mike O'hern "The Titan" and test his Biological age because he eats basically every 2-3 hours and is an extremely fit body builder. You could see from his extreme lifestyle if it has affected his Biological age! I would love ❀️ for you to do all your tests on him!!! He has been lifting heavy and eating this way for about 40 years; this would be the true test for the extreme opposite of your theory 😊

  6. Let start to add healthy food to our mind and heart to heal …for it it is not what enters our mouth that is hurting us and separating us from a fi
    Ulfilling life but what comes out of our heart leaving our mouth….no amount of keto, micro nutrients etc is going to heal or liberate us from our deep roothed fears, shame, low selfasteam..etc.. Fear ages.. shame ages.. etc.. more than eating only potatoes.. or other wise… lack of inner confidance ages.. looking good on the outside.. does not abide is in true inner soveirgn power.. The power that carries us when every marterial and physical thing is gone.. and all is left is our spirit rediating through our material circumstances.. Six packs no rimples etc are far from the or a gaurantee that we will prosper and live fulfilling lives… We are instagramed.. eating respnsible is what seems to make responsible adult humans.. That could be a lot of BS if all of that is not abiding in a clean/ genuine heart.. the true will and effort to love respect, honor all life and the living.. Yep looks harder than i do not no what.. but as long as we do not put out a true intention with a real respectful mind, heart, soul and spirit to love and honor life and all the living we will keep on saving our self from totally drowning… Th8s nutrional knowledge 8s very important for those who are sound of mind, heart and soul.. you can eat the best grass fed meat etc..if you are filled with anger.. no matter how coverted.. your beautiful bodybuilding body and xx fallowers are not going to rest your mind, heart and or soul

  7. Always exciting and educating. If he called for a human subject to test the eye reset I would be the first to put my hand up regardless of the consequences. Great interview.

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