Thursday, February 9, 2023
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Parts of cell : Cell structure & Function | Class 8 | #3

Parts of cell : Cell structure & Function | Class 8 | #3

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👏A very good morning to all of you guys. How are you?
Hope you all are fine.
As you know that COVID pandemic is spread in whole the country.
So be safe and use sanitizer and wear mask and


👏So in this covid pandemic our education is so disturbed due to lockdown and there is no another except vaccination way to decrease cases also.

👏So I tried to teach you for class 8 and soon I’ll start class 9 nd 10th also.
And I teach you very deeply and analytical to each chapter.
And in this lecture I teach you class 8 Biology chapter cell Structure and Function and this is 3rd part and in this part I teach you The parts of cell.
And this is enough to class 8th all board what I teach in this.

👉Today’s topics are :-
✅#CellMembrane(or Plasma membrane)

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