Thursday, February 9, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

My LONGEVITY Predictions 2022 (full list)

Here are all of my longevity and healthspan predictions for 2022. These are the molecules that I’m most excited about to slow down the aging process, however please note that more data is needed and none of these molecules replace a great diet, regular exercise, and sleep

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23 thoughts on “My LONGEVITY Predictions 2022 (full list)
  1. I agree that diet and fasting along with exercise in the fresh air and sunshine and sleep are the most important things. After that it's vitamin D3 with K2, Omega 3 fatty acids, collagen peptides, and zinc with quercetin.

  2. Would you be able to do a video on gender differences for supplement stack? For example, on your supplement stack page, you lost Fisetin as being good for prostate. What would be the female equivalent for hormone balancing for longevity. For example, would you recommend adding something like gelatinized red maca root for women?

  3. There are many other benefits to taking sulforaphane regardless of the NRF2 activation property. For instance, it activates heat-shock proteins which can clear out misfolded proteins among other benefits.

  4. Excellent video as always. Can you clarify: in one of your recent videos I thought you were stopping Metformin. Is it still part of you stack?

  5. Psyllium husk is usually sourced from India or other developing countires and is frequently contaminated with lead – continuing to recommend it to your audience given the known health concerns associated with lead exposure is extremely problematic. Please stop recommending psyllium husk or clarify that you think that psyllium husk offers unique health benefits not available in other common fiber rich whole food sources that outweigh the lead exposure risk.

    Ground flaxseed / chia both appear to be superior options for quickly boosting fiber intake and both offer their own unique advantages as well.

  6. Have you looked into Pyrroloquinoline quinone — or PQQ ? There is a lot of information on the benefits and I can't find any side effects but I'm still looking. Both my wife and I saw goods results in two days, with improved sleep and energy.

  7. I've been taking a High Dose melatonin of 30 mg a night and my body has gotten use to it with no side effects. The reason for this is a self experiment because melatonin blocks dht and is a super antioxidant. My dad has been taking it for years and he has never lost a hair. I also noticed my premature male pattern baldness I inherited has slowed or stopped completely. My only worry is that this may stunt puberty. But I think I'm done with puberty even though I'm a late bloomer.

  8. Finasteride needs to be given at a much lower dose than recommended. Current doses absolutely tank DHT levels and can lead to what is known as post finasteride syndrome

  9. I disagree with your Finasteride recommendation. DHT is essential for male health. 5 alpha reductase inhibitors cause many sexual side effects, plus gynocomastia and depression. Just search for number of lawsuits against Merck for failing to warn consumers about the hair-loss drug Propecia. DHT isn't even the main contributor to BPH or prostate cancer, it's more likely caused by insulin resistance and xeno estrogens. I took Finasteride for 10yrs and experienced many undesirable effects, why would you recommend it to your audience Dr Stanfield? Xenoestrogen action in prostate cancer: pleiotropic effects dependent on androgen receptor status
    Yelena B Wetherill et al. Cancer Res. 2005

  10. Last time I read papers relating to Finasteride, I believe there was evidence to suggest that it reduces the risk of some cancers and increases the risk of others, landing at either a net-neutral effect or only slightly positive. Given the insane side effects of this drug, if someone were willing to take a pharmaceutical as an anti-cancer strategy, they'd probably be a lot better off with Metformin. It's tolerated far better and I think it has stronger evidence. I say this as someone with a high genetic risk for developing prostate cancer.

  11. Perfect, Brad. Thank you. You might be interested to know that, believe it or not, I managed to reduce my Calcium score from 175 two years ago to 158. I'm told that just doesn't happen. Average increase for that score is 30 to 40% per year. Keeping it within 10% increase greatly reduces risk of heart attack, but actually reducing the score is pretty rare. I do other stuff to stay healthy, but I'm sure that some of my success with this had to do with adopting some of your routines. Btw, I'm 69.

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