Thursday, February 9, 2023
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The SURPRISING SECRETS For Improving CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH | Dr. Stephanie & Dr. Phil Maffetone

This may surprise you, but there are plenty of athletes who are fit but…unhealthy. In this episode, Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Phil Maffetone discuss obsession and overeating, what happens when you sacrifice your health for improved performance, and how to break free of the toxic “hustle” and stop glorifying injuries. They deep dive into the importance of maximizing your aerobic function, high-intensity training and its relationship to burnout, and the causes of metabolic dysfunction. You’ll discover why your maximum aerobic heart rate is important and determine the volume of aerobic training that’s right for you. Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Phil discuss the proper nutrition and macronutrients necessary for optimal fat burning, the effects of seed oils, emulsifiers, and energy bars, and how food marketing is influencing our choices. You’ll find out how to improve your insulin sensitivity through a two-week test, and get a glimpse of the problems with carrying extra fat. Finally, you’ll hear how obesity hurts you in the face of viral infections, junk food, and actionable ways to start making positive changes in your life.

Episode Overview:

0:00 Welcoming Phil & Origin Story
2:11 Athlete’s That Are Fit But Unhealthy
8:23 Obsession and Overtraining
11:10 Sacrificing Health For Performance
15:04 Breaking Free Of The “Hustle”
16:10 Maximum Aerobic Function
22:55 High Intensity and Burnout
25:14 The Importance Of Maximize Aerobic Function
26:57 Metabolic Dysfunction
29:14 Maximum Aerobic Heart Rate
34:48 Determining Volume Of Aerobic Training
47:07 Nutrition And Macronutrients For Fat Burning
52:00 Seed Oils, Emulsifiers, and Energy Bars
57:18 The Power Of Food Marketing
1:00:00 Improve Our Insulin Sensitivity & Two Week Test
1:08:00 Problems With Being Over Fat
1:17:48 Obesity and Viral Infections
1:24:45 Vaccines, Mandates, and Junk Food
1:28:00 How To Start To Make Changes
1:33:45 Connect With Phil


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