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Does Red Meat Accelerate Aging, with David Sinclair PhD – UPDATE and REPOST

David Andrew Sinclair, PhD is an Australian biologist and professor of genetics. He is also a co-director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at Harvard Medical School, and is known for his research on aging with a focus on epigenetics.

Time Stamps:
0:29:37 Podcast begins with David Sinclair
0:30:45 Is when we eat more important than what we eat?
0:32:55 What is the connection between time restrictive eating and longevity?
0:38:04 What causes us to age?
0:39:56 Epigenetic change.
0:47:13 What causes DNA breaks?
0:49:38 What plant foods create DNA breaks?
0:51:23 PARP enzymes
0:54:56 Where does NAD come from? How do we make it? What enzymes use it?
0:59:00 NAD recycling pathway.
1:06:23 Sirtuins.
1:18:24 What are the other longevity genes? (AMP kinase and mTOR) How are they connected to sirtuins?
1:26:00 Does being in a ketogenic state increase NAD?
1:34:40 Xenohormesis and plant molecules.
1:40:00 Resveratrol trials.
1:46:05 mTOR.
1:51:35 David’s thoughts on animal protein.
1:58:13 Meat consumption in relation to the environment and regenerative agriculture.
2:05:38 Where to find David Sinclair.

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Animal-Based Gathering:


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30 thoughts on “Does Red Meat Accelerate Aging, with David Sinclair PhD – UPDATE and REPOST
  1. so David learned that metformin in mice needed to be given in day-on-day off cycles otherwise there was a negative effect and later talks about metformin downregulating Igf1. it surprises me that he still seems cautious and almost fearful of the idea of using igf1.
    I really feel he has a bias against meat and this was clear when he seem dubious on Pauls reports of EPA data
    I wish all these people with the ability would sheer their blood work as paul has

  2. Funny that immediately after saying he envies physicists, he says that he has the strong gut feeling that aging comes with the loss of information. It's funny because the second law of thermodynamics, one of the most fundamental insights in the whole of physics, can be phrased in terms of information, and it's that information is lost with the passage of time; that irreversible processes are those in which information is somehow destroyed. It would make physical sense for aging to come with an associated loss of information like he suggests

    I'm a physicist, and while many people like to say that entropy is a measure of disorder, this is really inexact use of language. Much more precisely, entropy is information that no one has access to about any given system. The statement that entropy increases as a function of time is completely equivalent to the statement that the total amount of information in the universe that no one has access to grows with the passage of time. In other words, information is lost over time

  3. My husband just contracted covid, he called his friend who is an old Chinese woman. Guess what she advises him " eat lots of meat ! ", great to hear that wisdom still prevails!

  4. There are Societies that had longer life spans on Vegetarian ( not Vegan) diets like the Jains in India and there should definitely have been some that did the same on meat based diets. Sinclair is talking about how the amino acid sensing mTOR when kept active at higher number of times would be detrimental for longevity due to epigenetic damage. He is not biased and not talking about cutting meat completely. He is just saying you shouldn't be eating too much of it. It might shackle some beliefs particularly in those where their life has got significantly better with Carnivore diet. But we ought to keep an open mind to science. I am looking at many comments saying 'oh he is a researcher he doesn't know anything about diet'. Do you think the so called Dietitians, Nutritionists and most Doctors know anything about diet and nutrition for that matter!? Atleast this man knows the hormonal response and how your epigenome changes based on what you eat which is far more than anyone can ever know. Just be humble in your approach to learn guys. Please!! Keep being a Carnivore if it works for you and believe in it. But respect what this man has to say.

  5. Discovered I'm a single carrier of a hemochromatosis gene a few years ago while doing a research study.

    Luckily my iron level is just outside the normal range atm, so is easy to manage with monthly phlebotomy.

  6. Let Food be thy medicine and Medicine be thy food- needs more nuance for these times. A whole new approach to what exactly is food for daily nourishment and what is medicine for short term use. Great videos and ideas as always, Paul! Thanks for the work you are doing to revolutionize our understanding of these topics

  7. niacinamide becomes NAD+ and then activates sirtuins. it only inhibits it for a few hours, the total overall activation is increased from NAM. NR decompose thru digestion so its probably better to just take NAM.

  8. Fantastic my friend. It's always impressive how you seem to push these experts a little bit out of their comfort zone in their world. Keep pushing the envelope

  9. I eat peeled millet and i dont have problems(my autoimune is fine) with it like with the white rice(i have headaches) and i want to ask is there harmful compounds like phytic acid or oxalates or other things in it?

  10. Meat is great, if your FADS gene is the right type. Match your diet with your genes. Longevity in a sickly starving state is not ideal. Your immune system will tank. You are just not going to be robust enough against the elements. Maintaining your proteostasis is more important than anything else.

  11. I can't absorb all the details and I spend too much time in front of the computer, but I love your open mind. I'm still trying to figure out what to eat and I'll see what the cardiologist says when he sees my cholesterol has gone up from eating lots of red meat (and a few organs). Dr. Paul would you consider interviewing someone like Dr. John Douillard who promotes Ayurveda and wrote that book "Eat Wheat"? Thanks for all you put out. Probably mind set is more important than anything we put in mouth actually, within reason.

  12. Me as an European wondering and laughing.i mean you teach nutrition from studies not from real life,ppl go either hard-core vegan smashing smoothies or in France,Greece,Italy,Germany we eat a diet in high quality food,we have a long tradition eating together, cooking together .and we ear meat and carbs together,lol and also loooooooots of vegetables.,potatoes,bread ,drinking wine and the majority,well especially the generation over 40 is pretty I think you in the US never experienced traditional eating,cooking…..and that there is a lot more to health than obsessing about diet….you also live in Lala land sitting in Costa Rica,and promoting your diet.lets see if you had to feed a family of 9 and grow your own food .now I will enjoy my rhubarb cake with high oxalate which is a tradition here.

  13. I also have a tone of respect for David and his work. But as a sensible human being, I can only feel that this man is so sad inside. I don't see the passion for life, energy nor liveliness in this speech, attitude, stance. You can feel that in the person, he looks deprived. And the way of eating he speaks about, I tried almost 20 years ago. And that doesn't work for women nor for any adult that wants to live fully and have a family.
    In my humble opinion, he suggests starvation. And that gentleman thrives on supplements.

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