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Masterminds, Masterclasses Life Science and Medicine Online Dialogue (16 November 2021)

首屆論壇前奏活動第二個主題 – 「智者‧智講」,於11月16至18日完滿舉行。為期三天的活動,以「線上+線下」的混合形式舉行。我們邀得10多位世界頂尖科學家,包括邵逸夫獎得獎者、科學突破獎得獎者、法國國家科學研究中心金獎得獎者、菲爾茲獎得獎者和皇家獎章得獎者,共聚於香港青年協會總部,圍繞分別就生命科學與醫學、天文學及數學科學這三大學科,與一衆參加者進行交流。當中與青年科學家的對談環節,讓一些冉冉升起的科學界新星有機會與世界頂尖及睿智的科學家進行直接對談。

The second chapter of the Prelude Events “Masterminds, Masterclasses”, was held on 16-18 November. This three-day event was presented in a hybrid format of online and offline engagement. Over 10 prominent scientists including Shaw Laureates, recipients of Breakthrough Prize, CNRS Gold Medal, Fields Medal and Royal Medal were gathered at the headquarters of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups as guest speakers for three disciplines of science, namely Life Science and Medicine, Astronomy and Mathematical Sciences. In the dialogue session with young scientists, we provide an invaluable opportunity for rising stars from the scientific community to converse directly with top scientists among the globe.


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