Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Vitamin D, Glutathione & NAC: new relationships you should know

Glutathione deficiency is a common feature that complicates infections. We review new research linking suboptimal glutathione levels with increased disease severity and discuss how glutathione is related to vitamin D status as well as ways to support glutathione levels from a nutrition and lifestyle standpoint.

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—————————————–Show Notes————————————–

0:00 Intro
0:06 Vitamin D and Glutathione levels appear to be related
0:42 Diseases linked with low glutathione levels
1:43 Glutathione is found in high concentrations in the liver
3:04 Mitochondria health depends on glutathione status
3:31 Exercise and Glutathione: very important for mitochondrial health
4:50 Fatty liver, mitochondrial dysfunction and glutathione
5:34 Fascinating paper about glutathione and Vitamin D you should read
6:00 This image tells the story quite well
8:00 Please share this video if you’re digging it
8:46 New Electrolyte pre-sale
11:03 Glutathione and The C*19 virus
12:14 Low Glutathione even in young people who get infected
14:47 Glutathione impacts vitamin D binding and metabolism
17:42 Glutathione Testing: GGT and liver enzymes
18:33 GGT is a marker of environmental chemical exposure
19:46 Cysteine rich foods that can increase glutathione levels


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48 thoughts on “Vitamin D, Glutathione & NAC: new relationships you should know
  1. Hi Mike. I am an integrative psychiatrist with a masters degree in herbal medicine, trained in both mindfulness-based psychotherapies and functional medicine principles. Love your podcasts.

    I know you know you need to slow down when your speaking (happens to me too sometimes 🙂
    After working out and your sympathetic & dopaminergic systems are pumping consider playing with breathwork to bring the adrenalin down a notch. For very active people like yourself often 3 rounds of wim hof style breathing will naturally stimulate your neurons to releases some balancing endogenous cannaboids & opioids. It will help give your presentation more grounding energy and help bring the pace down a notch. It will help make what you are teaching easier to understand and make you an even better teacher and help more people get healthier.

  2. Here’s the thing about the thing that must not be named….early treatment! Whatever you do, if you get it DO NOT GO TO THE HOSPITAL…unless you have your affairs in order and are ready to meet Jesus. Prevention is also key too, I know you talk a lot about prevention and being healthy so that when you do get it, it won’t be so bad. My best friend had it, unfortunately I didn’t know about early treatments and how important early treatment is until it was too late. He went to the hospital and 24 days later, after the hospital collapsed his lungs and put him on a vent, he went to be with Jesus. 😢 If you get sick…don’t go to the hospital!! I also realize that those early treatments are difficult to get, so it’s important to find those doctors who will treat and have their numbers ready if you get sick and anticipate a difficult time with it.

  3. Myoxcience………..NONE of their products tested for label accuracy, heavy metals or other impurities so far by Labdoor or Consumerlabs. These days I don't trust ANY product unless an accredited source tests it. Too many companies pedaling crap out there. There may be nothing wrong with their products but who knows until they are tested.

  4. I had skin issue for 40 years I was shown a new scientific product that has scientific shown to improve glutathione levels 500 to 800% I’m getting younger and no aches and pain any more… it’s word of mouth in 33 countries…

  5. Hi Mike-
    You can't get NAC on Amazon anymore…. I think the FDA stepped in and now it's prescription only(?) Buffaloed by this … what's going on? anyone know? You can find L-Aceltyl Carnitine and other similar supplements…
    Any good work arounds or equivalents??? Thanks

  6. Hey Mike. Do you know where I can find the closest thing to natural Vitamin d3 supplements? I was reading the ingredient label this morning and was shocked to see the pills I have been taking are made of glycerin, soy bean, and corn oil.

  7. First of all, thanks a million for all the amazing free content. On a diff note, I took NAC for a 3 years (periodically) – outstanding results; however, it quite often result in increased alertness so I wouldn't recommend taking it at night as I can making much harder.for one to fall asleep. Other people I know report the same effect.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong 🙂

  8. Cataract development ?

    Great Mike .

    It seems critically important as an anti oxidant and protective molecule per se in the eye and especially the lens and low levels may be implicated in age onset cataracts in fact it might be the driving force behind age related eye diseases partic cataracts ie the sulphur bonds and cleaved form alpha and beta crystalline and then bond to the wrong sites of the proteins causing cross linking which then by entropy carries on unchecked .

    Also, other similar protein aggregated diseases I have now both this and dupytrens because of the two arm breaks. We have a large list alzheimers , crosslinking anywhere and everywhere in the body .

    The link between taurine and Glutathione , i need to read the research, this sounds an exciting missing link.

    The Question IS what is the best nutrient path way to increase Glutathione levels .?

  9. First of all Mike I want to thank you for your continued contributions to society!!
    You’re a great American!
    Can you please do a video on how to optimize supplement digestion?
    My gf has lots of trouble with this for some reason
    I can’t quite figure it out
    Btw shes had her gallbladder removed

  10. I LIKE the fast pace…it keeps me in the moment…and I'd rather pause and back up than be waiting and having my thoughts wander.
    This was GREAT info, thanks.

  11. I love your content but your delivery is so hyper. It actually creates such anxiety for me to listen through a whole video. Sorry. If anyone else thinks so you may want to slow down a bit. Thank you

  12. I am a pretty healthy individual without any underlying metabolic diseases – no junk food, eat healthy. But I was hospitalized for 6 days with Covid this summer. Of course I was going through very severe stress at the time due to my dads death and barely getting 5/6 hours of quality sleep. I’m not jabbed and was very surprised that I took such a bad turn. This makes so much more sense now. But I was supplementing with glutathione & vitamin d while in the hospital. I’ve had jaundice (hep b) twice – before so I wonder if my liver function is not optimal because of that. This was very informative. Thank you!

  13. When I had Alpha, I took glutathione. I've always struggled with low D because of being black. When I got my bloodwork done that spring my D went up from 23 to 88. I have been taking it the two years hence!

  14. Interesting. NAC was under threat because of our criminal FDA. I stocked up. Good tool to have. As for viruses and virus loads: TV SCRIPTED NONSENSE. Virology is a fraud science. It’s the only field of science whereby isolation is now kinda like gender, they just change the definition. Only in virology can you add things to something you claim causes a disease and call it an, “isolation”. You show me that paper, any, whereby any said, “viruses” (aka pleomorphic bacteriophages for people who aren’t stupid), have been isolated, had NOTHING ADDED TO THEM, then put through a final Koch’s postulate. You cannot, cause not one imaginary virus in history has. What we have is society full of idiots that don’t understand health and blame their annual toxicity detoxification on others for mechanisms that are solely their own. No one makes you sick but you. All sickness represented symptomatically is just more toxins in than metabolized before your vitamin D depletes in winter, and our species goes into an automatic detox/purge. If you metabolize toxins faster than you accumulate them, you’ll never get sick! And who were the idiots that stopped eating meat? Turn your tv’s off, they’ve been lying about everything for 70 years. Doctors are just Pharma poison pushers for rich eugenists. Science is just rich assholes paying for outcomes they want for narratives they need to maintain power through fear. Wake up muppets!

  15. You are just a too fast talker . Just getting back from exercise was an excuse haha 😄. According to ayurveda you need to cool off the fire in your brain so that way you become a normal or slow talker . I bet you walk fast as well . It's just the fire in you .

  16. Understanding physiology and nutrition, it is best to get the Vitamins and NAC and other vital nutrients mentioned in this presentation in your food and if supplements are taken to take the supplements with your meal. Glenn Waite, MD, MPH (nutrition).

  17. Do you know anything about Bucillamine, which is said to be 16x more powerful than NAC, and is finishing up a phase 3 study to treat mild to moderate covid?

  18. This is very helpful thank you so much for sharing. Doctors don’t tell you anything like this it seems they just don’t care too much to tell you things that will help if you’re poor. Thank you for sharing 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  19. I can summarize 22 minutes into a sentence or two and eliminate the PC talk: Fat people have terrible diets and make poor life choices resulting in low glutathione, etc. Eat healthy, get off your butt and exercise, and get some sun.

  20. The mechanism of Acetaminophen toxicity is overloading the liver's capacity to synthesize GSH for managing mitochondrial oxidative stress leading to mitochondrial breakdown and hepatic cell necrosis.

  21. There was a trial of IV-NAC of something like 6 grams/day in hospitalized patients with covid. You can find it on MedCram YT channel. The result was not compelling for their study endpoints but that doesn't mean NAC is not beneficial for some. I think the question being studied was if NAC could mitigate or prevent hypercoagulation.

  22. I’m vegan and am still progressively working on improving my gut microbiome and digestive health. Could you please recommend a good NAC supplement? Thanks. Love your podcast. Heard you on another podcast and had to look you up 😀

  23. Why do you find it better to take Cysteine and Glycine and Glutamine rather than Glutathione? Dr walsh's protocol seems to be using straight on Glutathione. I emailed him about it, since your suggestion seems to make more sense, but there might be something we don't know.

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