Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Alpha Ketoglutarate Life Extension Effects – Are They Real

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10 thoughts on “Alpha Ketoglutarate Life Extension Effects – Are They Real
  1. Loving my NMN & Resveratrol!! I'm doing much more and I'm more active. Was walking about 8 miles a day but have cut it by half. Just knowing I can do that, makes me happy!!

  2. All these dummies starving them self and wasting money on silly supplements will be real pissed 25 years from now when there is no planet left to live on. Life extension LOL

  3. Hey Siim,

    I enjoyed your videos for a while in the past, but the as I watched preachers of biohacking longer and longer just came to realise they become absolutely obsessed with all of this spending their lives absolutely enslaved to a bunch of practices that in the end we don't even know if they´re going to make any difference, and every single part of their life is deeply affected by their obsessive behaviours towards an infinite number of things they have to do or take.

    With all due respect, do you genuinely believe this kind of lifestyle is mentally healthy? It's just like people who suffer from vigorexia in the context of training, but in another context where no term has been coined yet.

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