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KSAT 12 6 O'Clock News : Jan 20, 2022

The KSAT 12 News Team offers a report on the latest news of the day, as well as updates on sports, San Antonio area weather and rush-hour traffic issues.


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5 thoughts on “KSAT 12 6 O'Clock News : Jan 20, 2022
  1. This is exactly why the state should be able to give everyone Free health care because it's not fare if someone outside of your home gets you suck and you have to end up footing the medical bill. Everytime I go shopping people don't respect one's six foot distance and when you ask them to give you your space they act all mad at your request. Other countries already provide free health care. Why aren't we one giving free health care for all adults after people reach the age of 18yo off Medicaid? Wearing a face mask isn't Good Enough. Why isn't anyone talking about doing something about the current status of getting free health care for all people of all ages.

  2. There no reason for absent teachers to have SAPD teaching your children in class as a substitute teacher. This is totally unacceptable and all schools should be shut down and schhooled at home and tax payers money should be not going into school system but into free health care instead. Kids at school are not being taught but bullied by everyone. This will help end school shootings and save tax payers money and can also do virtual schooling or home schooling and save the planet from excessive traffic pollution and needles accidents saving gasoline and saving lives and the planet. Less accidents and less pollution. It's a Win Win all the way around. Get with the program the rest of the world has. This solution ends all arguments of how do we save our planet and tax payers money and lives and country economic deficit.

  3. By the way the United Arab Emirates have air conditioning bus stops and we can learn from their example. It's pity full how we are neglecting our own people. Even lots of employers keep their workers working in hostile conditions and no air deliberately. Forcing workers to needlessly suffer OSHA doesn't cover it. People with diabetes can die from working in n such hostile work conditions and with no air conditioning and low air quality.

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