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Headaches & Migraines – Causes & Solutions

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42 thoughts on “Headaches & Migraines – Causes & Solutions
  1. Okay, this must be an error. This was last Sunday’s upload.
    I listen to you every week whilst I cook my Sunday dinner here in the UK.
    Wish you were over here. I would definitely be in attendance.

  2. I discovered accidentally that doing a handstand for 30 seconds totally removes my sinus headaches, guess if you can't do a hand stand an inversion table should work, combination with an infra-red lamp is also good, also no side effects and nothing to lose just give it a try.

  3. My migraines were a result of eating wheat, which also destroyed my guy. Once I figured it out and stopped eating wheat, I haven't had a headache of any kind for more than 3 years. And it only took 72 hours [wheat free] to notice a big difference in how I felt.

  4. I had surgery at 12 days old that really messed up my solar plexus area and lead to a strange spiraling of the spine. Then around age 8 I had my appendix removed, which led to more stiffness and pressure, and also a headache that lasted about 20 years. About 10 years ago my body started rewiring itself and the almost entirely frozen and weirdly twisted spine started releasing and rearranging itself spontaneously. My spine is almost straight now, the shape of my head and many other things have changed. The headache went away for a few years, but has returned, however now I can feel exactly where the pulling is. This ongoing process will hopefully take me to a point where the spine has completely returned to a normal curvature, and hopefully the headache will go away for good.

  5. Hello! I've been watching your videos for years and have learned soooo much from you! Thank you! Such a shame you're being censored. Please consider uploading your videos to Rumble where they allow freedom of speech. God bless you Dr for all you do!!

  6. I'd love to know what Dr. B thinks of this: I take niacin in the rare times when I get headaches. It's a great vasodilator. The increased blood flow fixes everything in no time.

  7. Thank you! Always you are teaching so many fundamental things to know for being able to stay healthy. I am 68 and thanks to listening to you over the years I avoid the medical doctors and their drugs and I am very strong and healthy but sometimes I go to a chiropractor for help and the sudden trouble is over in a few sessions, I wouldn’t have known about chiropractic health care if it wasn’t for you dear Dr Bergman! You are a God sent!

  8. 5 years ago somebody hit me on the eye.
    Since then i got sometimes stiches above left on the head. There is made a MRI, there was not specific a problem. During the 5 years sometimes it keeps coming back, for short moments, always at the same spot. Recently i went to a neurologist. Did some reflex test, looked in my eye etc. She said there are no signs to worry about. Although i told her since last summer it seems i had vision problems. Like my eyes have a big difference between the two, that it does not match any more. Plus if i walk outside, i walk waggle like a drunk. Or it feels i get pulled to one side. It is a bit, by i do notice i am not walking totally straight. I had the feeling in my head like i had a weak spot and i could get a brain bleeding… so ofcourse i am worried. I have hypothyoroid, hashimoto too. Since then it started. A month ago i tried a new pill because i have sideeffects of thyroxine. This one i felt it too, tirosint. So thought it maybe come from taking medicine. Stopped for the moment, slowly it went. Now taking it for 2 days and have to see it comes back or not..
    This professor said i have to take thyroxine otherwise i damage in future my body. There is no other drug for hypothyoroid….? So i started to do keto. See if this helps. I think myself that there is something damaged in my brain since hit on my left eye! The pain is also at the left on top of my head. Maybe because of damaging i got hypothyoroid problem? I read somewhere that trauma can cause that.
    What would you advice me to do dr. Bergman??

  9. I’m not sure if it was the diatomaceous earth or the magnesium L-Theron ate (2000 mg) & L-theanine (200 mg) every night before bed… I went from 15-20 migraines a month to 0-3 now.

  10. Thank you so much I appreciate this you remind me of my dietitian she always tells me if you feel this way something's out of balance when you get a chance listen to my new CD on the seed group Podcast like subscribe share with family and friends thank you for your help and please keep the information coming

  11. Mine are from my neck due to a motorcycle accident and are triggered from upper body workouts no matter how light and any desk work..impossible to escape…I am a sculptor.I have been plagued my whole life since 14 years old and I am 55 now….terribly debilitating. I have finally found an osteopath that also operates in a chiropractic manner….chiros seem to be illegal in uk…..he definitely helps but the impingement has not gone.

  12. It would be great to have a place where all of these videos are available for download. Please! I have some serious migraines while trying to study. My brain really really hurts. Much love to you Dr. B!

  13. Two possible reasons that are causing ban of info. The people there are Demon possessed or they are very weak in the brain. If someone yells run off the cliff, they will. They follow any scam they are told about. Or both

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