Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Light, Covid and uncensored croissants | Dr. Leland Stillman MD

Dr. Leland Stillman, MD, practices natural and functional medicine with a systematic approach that addresses all aspects of diet, lifestyle, mindset, and environment, to help people achieve optimal health and their highest potential. He takes the best of many disciplines and therapeutic modalities and works with you to develop a comprehensive plan to achieve your health and performance goals. He works with patients all over the world.

➡️ During this talk we dive into:

00:00 Leland Stillman
01:09 Ergomax discount
01:24 How Dr. Stillman got in to health
09:00 Food without fundamental health knowledge
11:00 Balance protocol and diets
15:33 Methylation, hormones and leptin
17:00 Circadian rhythm and energy regenaration
21:10 Mitochondrial uncoupling
22:20 Health tests quantum biology and bioenergetics
27:00 Always question the diagnose
37:30 How do you work?
38:40 Google maps for a cell tower check
41:50 Definition and expression of health
47:30 Do you need knowledge to be healthy?
50:20 Health fundamentals and light
51:55 Filtered water and heavy metals
55:30 Sauna for detox
57:20 EMF meter
58:00 EMP and your living space
1:02:45 Health in America
1:04:04 Nutrition
1:05:20 Regular health, control and covid
1:09:30 Stress
1:13:30 What is Leland working on himself?
1:16:16 The mind and covid
1:18:30 Personal questions

💡 About Dr. Stillman
“I became a doctor to help people achieve their highest potential. Whether you are struggling with a chronic illness or are seeking the next level of performance in your work, your relationships, or your vocations, I can help you achieve the excellent health that you desire and deserve. You probably realize that modern medicine is focused on “treatments” rather than “cures.” I have little interest in “treating” disease – I am determined to cure disease. Hippocrates, one of history’s greatest physicians, said, “The physician treats, but nature cures.” And I do believe this is possible, even in seemingly, “incurable,” cases. This is why, after completing medical school and specializing in Internal Medicine, I chose to study holistic medicine, natural medicine and functional medicine. When you work with me, we develop a comprehensive plan to restore and optimize your health, using the most scientifically advanced diagnostics and therapeutics available, alongside ancient healing practices that have stood the test of time.”

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