Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Vlog #39: Do this before using any nootropics

Improving brain energetics is the foundational step to higher IQ, better recall, improved focus, etc.
Anything that improves mitochondrial function, brain glucose oxidation and ATP production will give you nootropic effects.
Things that help include glucose, thyroid, high dose vitamin B1, B-complex piracetam and creatine.

(6-9mcg) Thyroid:
(200mg) Sulbutiamine:
(500mg) Thiamine HCL:
Calcium pyruvate:
(1g) Piracetam:
(5g) Creatine:


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5 thoughts on “Vlog #39: Do this before using any nootropics
  1. Great video! How do you think we can get the benefits of acetylcholine, like focus, without the negative effects like nausea, needing to pee more often, OCD and the other negative effects. Will having optimal thyroid function lead to a normal amount of Ach (not too high not too low)?

  2. Hey Hans, i was wondering what you think of bananas? I see talk on ray peat forum that they are filled with serotonin and should be avoided, but they are one of the best fruits for smoothies imo.

  3. Hans, these daily videos are pure gold. Do you accept suggestions about topics? (things you have written about and do not require much new research, maybe just expand on what you have shared on your website)

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