Thursday, February 9, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

EP 84: The Power of Your Mitochondria

The mitochondria are probably the most memorable lectures you’ve had in high school but did you know that it is more than just the powerhouse of the cell?

In this episode, we will talk about mitochondria and their role in our body as well as the ways to improve them.

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0:00 Introduction
0:49 Cup of Nurses Introduction
2:42 Episode Introduction
2:55 The Powerhouse of the Body – Mitochondria
9:21 What are the functions of the Mitochondria?
11:58 Improve Your Mitochondria: Get Active
14:55 Improve Your Mitochondria: Eat the right foods
15:43 Improve Your Mitochondria: Decrease Inflammation
17:18 Improve Your Mitochondria: Focus on Quality Sleep
20:57 Viome Results on Mitochondrial Health
22:58 How Viome Scores are Calculated
29:20 Personalized Supplements to Support Mitochondrial Health
29:34 Supplement: Ashwagandha Root & Leaf Extract
29:47 Supplement: Curcumin
30:12 Supplement: Magnesium
31:14 Supplement: L-Theanine
33:48 Supplement: Vitamin B3

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