Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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13 thoughts on “In conversation with Dr Joe Dispenza
  1. Wow I am so drawn to being part of your studies to help all! Thank you Lynne, Joe, my/our guides, all life! And Lee Monika Kryon, Matias de Stefano-Fundacion Arsayian, all who were shown to me/ connected with me since my kundalini awakening and all that has happened in my life to bring me to where I/we are meant to be living. With so much appreciation, gratitude, love 💗! I can help in these studies, I manifest/connect unbelievable beautiful synchronicities. One example last year when I was in San Diego, all the sweet lovely flowers shared their magnificence with me and I (I was told by strangers how magnificent I smelled😊🌍🙏🏼), I radiated their lovely essences bc of appreciation, gratitude and love for them and all life on Gaia! ..and everywhere 💫☯️💗

  2. I look forward to reading the studies and sharing the data! Are any studies available already or info on what is being done or has been done already? Where could I see these?

  3. Beautiful work. Could you please do a global session for Putin? If he is flooded with global love perhaps he can feel his connection to humanity…🙏🧘‍♀️⛩

  4. Thanks a lot to Lynn and Joe for work what you do.
    And I want to share my story,hoe powerful thoughts is. How I was 38years old I had strong feeling to delivery baby. And intresting thing, I got pregnant and doctors and social programs start to offers different test to do, might could be some problems, becouse I'm old. So, I said to my self I will deliver healthy baby and he will be strong and healthy and beautiful. And ask doctors me and husband not to offer any test and medicine. And I agree 100%thought is powerful!
    Now, 2 boys what I was given life, they most healthy and beautiful and strong. And I Wath them if they have cold, they treat them body's very quickly, in 1day.
    Yes,we all is one! We all connected 💫✨🙏

  5. ElO HYM  💓💘💓EON ELOM.. infinite creator of TIMES EYE. SPACE LOVE LIGHT,  HOUR clock has a biG hand , hour hand*** and a second hand.. the minute Hand..
    Lights our big  Light hand Sun, & our  the Lesser light  MOon..

    And the light of God's WORD light color sound 369 in Flesh and Blood… said "let us make man in our image..sewn by 1CREATORSwisdom's love..

    A DNA genetic tweak to give fifth dimensional 💓body3x3x3 kind,… and the pp1 molecule is HOUR  Cover= Veil into the holiest of WHOLY LINK ONE  3rd room *3rd EYE  the meMOry 3X3conscious mind369 VEiled through every lifetime 💓💘💓as we learn the power of our 1 in 3mind.
    3in 1 ATONED.💥 new mind new man New Vision conscious AW ARE.

    Now the serPENt(A) was MOre=0= cRAfty than??? WHO***
    any of the wild SUB2 ANIMALSs💘🍎😘❣
    the *Lord 1♾God had made.
    When the WOman saw that the fruit of the TREE was good for food and pleaSing to the EyE, and also deSirAble(G) for gaining ⚡🌈🎶💥Wisdom, she took sOMe and ate it."

    God said, “The HU*man has now BEcome like ONE of US,***knoWing good+01 and EVIL-01 & HOW TO BE EQUAL…. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life(AO) and eat, and live forever."


    Power  OVE 3 SETS all CAPtives FREE,
    when we understand Divine 369Energy, we have no enemies.
    LIGHTSsound & Color 369 IN all divisions infinitely into 7s Perfections,

    Our 7 days of the week ÷🌀

    7 colors of the rainbow ( covenant)÷🌀

    7 notes in the musical scale,
    <3xSeven lights in everybody÷7🌀
    Tree ofMIND Creation÷369÷7🌀
    WindE3 3EWater 3EFire and E3Earth
    Tree of Life🌍😘÷369÷7🌀
    QUANTUM ALL*MIND infinite ONE=🌀
        "IAM"=0= ÷

    In growth we are 1unconscious 2subconscious and 3
    fully aware Consciousness our 3 in consciousness… gnosis knowing that tree of Good and Evil bitten chewed swallowed DIGESTED & ABSORBED IS knowing the difference beTWEEN +01good and -01 evil and how to be of collective=0=  <3mind<3 IS AT^ONED christ-like mind,  in of self energy towards self and others ..
    Gnosis ove 1 self in connection to hour 1CREATOR SELFS
    sets all us CAPtives Free..

    In understanding Divine energy we have no 🌙enemies universally…💥
    Mind is the most powerful thing in the uniVerse..

    Conscious mind is the ability to harness all forces of material nature for the good of mankind..
    Earth mc2 becomes our footstool.

    learning to forgive our*self and to forgive others.. seeing all as  like self..💘 learning the great power of our infinite intelligent gifted Mind… takes time & times in exPerience in ALL WAYS FREE WILL..
    Mercy Mercy Me great gratitude through all Infinity the VEIL into the holiest of holies ( SOLOMOMS TEMPLE) the third room  OUR 3conscious mind veiled through every lifetime*** as we lEarn FREE WILL.. the power of our mind…. the animal
    2SUB CONCONCIOUS 2mammalian mind 2BEAST TYPE MIND  on the altar..
    ..by Trinity infiniti's infinite Quantum…
    Infinite intelligence of infinite Realms of infinite energy of infinite wisdom in every moment of infinite spacetime, time space all at once.
    The sigNature of loves order is 3,  through every wavelength in particle of matter from the Higgs & Planck scale to the universal scaling laws of matter… Universal signature of order is 3!!
    Metaphysically and physically.

    "And Judas said to Jesus
    " I know of Whom and where you are from!.   the infinite Realms of our Barbalos,  of one Iam not worthy to speak."..

    Barlalos: the infinite womb of all thought..
    DeSire of all *infinite Ages is our Clearer View into ONE Creators viSion of Self in ALLself

    All the answers to what ails our planet and peoples are found .in CREATION LIGHT POWER3
    Free energy anti-gravity
    Light is our healer for a new Earth ,
    New Visions
    new time
    new understanding of our world, our self and each other.
    I've been told I am Judas Iscariot for 33 years now and now I believe it.


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