Thursday, February 9, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The relationship between autoimmune disease and metabolic health (Dr. Terry Wahls & Dr. Casey Means)

In this conversation, Levels Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Casey Means, speaks with Dr. Terry Wahls to discuss Dr. Wahls’ experience with multiple sclerosis and how it led her to develop a holistic protocol to address the root cause physiology of autoimmune diseases. Dr. Wahls also discovered that metabolic health is tightly linked to autoimmune diseases, and how understanding blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity is an important step for anyone dealing with autoimmunity. Dr. Wahls ultimately developed The Wahls Protocol, one of the most influential lifestyle programs today that addresses autoimmune disease, which reversed her disease process and allowed her to get back on her feet.

Listen to Podcast:

03:46 – A new framework for thinking about autoimmune disease
06:52 – A supplement cocktail
13:27 – The creation of health
15:56 – Humans are metabolically complex
17:50 What is mitochondrial dysfunction?
28:46 – The connection between type-1 diabetes and mitochondrial dysfunction
37:30 – Addressing the root cause of autoimmune issues
43:35 – How to support mitochondrial health
45:01 – Improving metabolic health can improve autoimmune disease

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22 thoughts on “The relationship between autoimmune disease and metabolic health (Dr. Terry Wahls & Dr. Casey Means)
  1. They are high risk to the drug companies as they stand to lose billions. I used to take mtx for RA but since changing my diet, no more meds. Well done, both of you❤️

  2. I am sorry, but I just can't take listening to the entire presentation, much to my regret. I just cannot stand three and four UH's in every sentence… it drives me crazy. Sad. I wish they could be edited out.

  3. There are so many "experts" out there it's hard to find reputable information. But I know Levels is only working with the best, everyone you have had on these podcasts has been so passionate and revolutionary! It's just the right amount of clinical and lay information, thank you!

  4. Loved this video, however ….kind of disagree on starting with stress control/meditation first. I have found that once I cut out all sugar, processed foods that the way I reacted to stress was so much better. The diet (way of eating) cleared my brain fog so that I could concentrate more in prayer,/ meditation.Every aspect of my life improved after a month of healthy eating…. Clearer brain, tons of energy, better sleep …just to name a few! Age 63 , dropped 45 lbs in 6 months and feel 20 yrs younger!

  5. A wonderfully informative and inspirational podcast, thanks so very much. Massive respect to you both. Look forward to the results of the new study! My mum has reversed her pre-diabetic state and lost over a stone following all the low carb/time restricted eating etc advice I have been passing on to her: I've spent the last 2 years reading and watching as much as I can to be properly informed about health. Nevertheless she is still somewhat paranoid about the possibility of dementia and Altzeimers, and I think reflects a generational attitude that bad health is often just bad luck (= genes), and all you can do is just worry about it and take the drugs the doctor hands out. I want to have the scientific understanding to take control of my own wellness. Bad stuff can still happen, but if I have the conviction that I am making sound lifestyle choices and doing my best to respect my amazing cells, I can stop feeling powerless about what the future might be like. I shall be forever grateful to people like you.

  6. This is interesting. I'm predisposed to approve of a diet that has no grains in it. I looked up her protocol though and saw that she doesn't approve of nightshades, which are among my favorite. 🙁 I do question her love of leafy greans (another favorite of mine) because of the oxylates and leptons.. Still her's makes more intuitive sense to me than the Swank diet which is LOW FAT, low animal protein and high in grains… WHut? In the end, I think we're on the right track when we focus on inflammation and also suspect we'll find diets need to be tailored to the individual. I'm still eating salads, lol.

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