Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Red Light Therapy Reviews 2022

This video reviews red light therapy anno 2021 – 2022, benefits, device, before and after, and much more.
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*Disclaimer: This video and comments are meant purely informational! This is not medical advice! If you are looking for medical advice always contact your own doctor.

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8 thoughts on “Red Light Therapy Reviews 2022
  1. Have a clearloght infrared sauna with photobiomodulation tower so red light therapy.
    I use it daily.
    It's reducing the heavy metal load in my system from many radioactive scans I had looking for a parathyroid tumor i had over nearly 3 decades.
    Great for post exercise recovery DOMS.
    My clients use it after deep tissue massage and it has cleared up a very stubborn toenail problem for me.
    Personally found Johannes and his team exceptional and cannot fault their product..

  2. If you use the light after a workout due to a sore shoulder or overworked knees vs just for general wellbeing, would you ice first, then use this? Should you wait a few minutes after icing to bring the shoulder back to body temperature? Do you use ice at all anymore or does this replace ice now? Thank you! My daughter plays HS and club volleyball and her knees hurt a lot. No tears or injuries…just overuse as an outside hitter. Lately she's been icing after every practice. I'm thinking we should get one of these for her….but haven't found an answer on doing both ice and light and if both, which one first. 🙂

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