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Mitochondrial Health

mitochondria structure and fuction in Hindi.#cell #biology

mitochondria feature and function part 2
Contains mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and ribosomes responsible for the synthesis of 15% of the mitochondrial proteins The remaining mitochondrial proteins are encoded in the nucleus and are transported into the mitochondria in an

unfolded state, where they take on their final folded



Energy production: The inner mitochondrial membrane contains the enzymes of the respiratory chain and the ATP synthase that together produce ATP (oxidative phosphorylation).

Other metabolic pathways in the matrix

Citric acid cycle Beta-oxidation


Urea cycle Pyruvate decarboxylation

Heme synthesis Initiation of apoptosis

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Each of the two membranes enclosing the mitochondrion is a phospholipid bilayer with a unique collection of embedded proteins. The outer membrane

is smooth, but the inner membrane is convoluted, with infoldings called cristae. The inner membrane divides the mitochondrion into two internal compartments. The first is the intermembrane space, the narrow region between


inner and outer membranes. The second compartment, the

mitochondrial matrix, is enclosed by the inner membrane.

The matrix contains many different enzymes as well as the mitochondrial DNA and ribosomes. Enzymes in the matrix catalyze some of the steps of cellular respiration.


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