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Mitochondrial Health

How To Boost Your Mitochondria

How To Boost Your Mitochondria

Grow Old Disgracefully/Gracefully by harnessing your Mitochondria!
When we think about growing older, we often reflect on our grandparents. What do we remember about them? Well, they looked old and had white-haired, spent a lot of time reading, and didn’t move a lot as they were frail, and had various complaints, aches, and pains. This is not what I want my final 20 years to look like. I am quite sure it is not what you would like either. There is no point living longer if those final years when we should be enjoying our retirement, become a painful grind, with a long list of reasons why we cannot go out and live the life we want to lead, because of a failing body and faculties.

To prolong our body’s ability to function at its optimum, it is important to nourish our mitochondria. You probably remember that word from school biology. They are the powerhouse of our cells. Our bodies need energy to move, eat, to breathe, and that chemical energy in the body is produced in a part of the cell called the Mitochondria.

Mitochondria convert the food we eat in the form of organic molecules into chemical energy that can be used by your cells, and that is called ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). So ATP can be regarded as the fuel currency of the body. The process of converting organic nutrients that you eat – your food into ATP is called cellular respiration. As Mitochondria are the agents that create energy for you, they are incredibly important and essential to the functioning of the human body.

What are the roles of Mitochondria?
They convert fats and carbohydrates (glucose) into usable forms of energy for the body
They produce ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)
Mitochondria use the oxygen in the body to create ATP
The number of mitochondria per cell varies with every cell type
Mitochondria are responsible for monitoring calcium levels in the body
Mitochondria produce free radicals

Cells that require more energy contain more mitochondria such as your big muscle groups. Muscle cells that contract, need to create a lot more ATP to support muscle contraction – think about your heart here.

As you grow older what are the first things to start failing? Your heart may start to let you down, you can’t run upstairs, walk the hills and you experience heart issues. You tend to feel less vital as your muscles don’t have the same strength they used to. Your brain may start to become muddled, and your eyes start to let you down. All these areas require huge amounts of mitochondria.

At 40’s you are telling everyone that you are always tired – WHY? You have a lot less carnosine being made in your body, and it is having to make choices as to which systems it supports and which systems it may let slide due to a lack of resources. For example, the body will always support heart rate and cellular oxygen as this is your survival. However, the thyroid may start to drift, your hormones, your digestion, your sleep, other areas start to become a problem and you just don’t wake up refreshed any longer.

At 50 you have passed the top of the bell curve and are on that slippery slope. You no longer have the resources to heal and regenerate the entire body and you are properly slowing down now. You have less than half the carnosine in your body than you enjoyed when you were 16, so a lack of mitochondrial nourishment equals a lack of mitochondrial power and resources.

How Do We Change This?

Light is incredibly important. Natural daylight, better still early morning sunrise. Your eyes contain large amounts of mitochondria and they respond to sunrise light. If you cannot get outside, near and far-infrared light is excellent for the body taken through the eyes or shone on the skin, there is much peer-reviewed documentation supporting this.

The Mitochondrial Rescue
Why is our carnosine different from other products – this is huge. Carnosine purchased over the counter is usually in your body for about 1.5 – 2 hours and then eliminated. This is because we have an enzyme in the blood called carnosinase which destroys carnosine. So, all the wonderful things that carnosine does (that will be for another blog) it cannot do, as it is too quickly eliminated from the body. The carnosine in Karnozin Extra has been formulated to withstand the degradations of carnosinase and stays in the body for up to 12 hours. So now, you have the potential to regenerate at a level that your years of age would not normally allow.

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