Thursday, February 9, 2023
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Best Light Therapy for Dry Eye Disease? IPL vs. Photobiomodulation

In this video Dr. D talks about the different types of light therapy that she uses in clinic to treat dry eye syndrome, including IPL and LLLT.
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⏱️ Timecodes:
01:02 Intro
01:30 Types of light therapy: IPL
02:56 Types of light therapy: LLLT
04:43 Summary

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8 thoughts on “Best Light Therapy for Dry Eye Disease? IPL vs. Photobiomodulation
  1. Thanks. You been doing Great Work. 👍.
    I have dry eyes for more than 18 years. Since 5 years the dry eyes got severe.
    I tried all kinds of eye solutions. Very long back I used punctual plugs yet not effective.

    I used several kinds of drops and it gets dry fast and have tried genteal gels and restasis. Yet it gets dry fast. Wear and tear on eye is high.
    My vision is good.

    My tear rate on schirmer test was close to 5. I tested negative for auto immune tests.
    What could be your solutions or suggestions.
    I keep following your videos since 2 months. It's a great contribution from you and helpful for All.

  2. Photobiomodulation (PMB) is able to up-regulate anti-oxidant defenses and reduce oxidative stress. Which of course would help significantly with dry eye disease. Recent studies have demonstrated oxidative stress damages the ocular surface and plays an important role in the mechanism of dry eye disease.

  3. Hi Dr. D, I bought the Omnilux LED mask, but I read an article on the potential negative effects of LED light on the retina and the back of our eyes, so I returned it ;(. Hope you could also discuss this in your future videos. Thanks!!

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