Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Muscle Boost In Pioneering Human Study – Urolithin A

Urolithin A was recently tested in a human, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, and the authors conclude that Urolithin A is “beneficial for muscle endurance and mitochondrial health in older adults”. Let’s dive into the data

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25 thoughts on “Muscle Boost In Pioneering Human Study – Urolithin A
  1. "Ground-breaking" in the thumbnail, "pioneering" in the title… then you get to the content and realize there are no statistically significant differences lmao 🤡 what exactly is "ground-breaking", Brad?

  2. Doctor – good summary and huge disappointment with results. I’ve been following compound closely over last three years especially with mice showing I think a 60% improvement in endurance. I even purchased a expensive years supply for my mother in her late 70s. Like you report here from study, she too found no benefit or real improvement after several months so I stopped purchasing. The company has a lot of money invested in compound but in the end maybe with a lot more work might find a very minor or again no benefit as found in this first human study so think better to move onto other compounds like the one you are to investigate which already has good indication for much improvement.

  3. Just consume pomegranate arils, if you have the right microbiome, certain bacteria can convert the ellagitannins into Urolithin A. About 40% of people may have the gut microbes to convert ellagitannins from pomegranate into urolithin A.

  4. Loss of muscle mass in old age is such an overlooked problem. We should and could be doing much more to minimize this. Strength training for health should be systematically encouraged from 40, while you can still build muscle effectively. For the elderly, I wouldn’t even be too quick to dismiss steroids to preserve or increase muscle mass.

  5. Imagine a trial poorly designed in regards to time frame, with a vastly too-short time period to get relevant results. How is this trial any different from that in every single respect? Isn't this just an obvious rush to publish to satisfy the benefactors' need for profit selling this supplement? Dr. Brad I sure appreciate the video, but I really don't see anything in this trial to be excited about at all. Nothing statistically relevant. We're basically right where we were before they wasted their time doing a too-short trial.

  6. one cannot just keep adding supplements on their stack they take, as most are worthless anyway, I tried hundreds for tens of thousands of dollars and most do nothing… keep to a good quality multi and extra vit D

  7. "Inverted U-curve" dose-response curve (anti-oxidation vs oxidation); INGESTER beware!
    Dose very important; equally important is formulation/delivery method.

  8. Wouldn't they actually need to test a placebo group against a group taking the isolated urolithin A and a last group that is drinking pomegranate juice (or other foods that are higher in the polyphenols that act as precursors for urolithin A)?

    We already know that getting things from whole sources rather than isolated compounds is typically better as the whole food source comes along with hundreds or thousands of other compounds that work synergistically. I would have to think that just increasing healthy plant foods and more exercise would be more beneficial that just supplementing with urolithin A even if the single effect that you are looking for is greater in the supplement group. Think of all the other great nutrients, anti-oxidants, polyphenols, anti-inflammatory properties, etc in pomegranate, various berries, nuts, etc.

  9. AMAZING! Thank you for this report! 
    Urolithin A sounded like what I need to turn around progressive mitochondria DNA damage from fluoroquinolone toxicity. Based on this study, you just saved me $100/month. I look forward to hearing more in the future about Urolithin A. 
    I would love to watch a report regarding PQQ.
    I take PQQ 20 mg in the morning. It's not cost prohibitive (although my stack adds up) & it gives me improved concentration & endurance. I seem to be gradually improving as well.

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