Wednesday, February 1, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The Mitochondria's Role in COVID 19 | Interview

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Dr. Dan Mishmar and PhD candidate Hadar Medini discuss their recent research on the mitochondria and COVID-19. Is COVID-19 more of a mitochondria dysfunction than a respiratory disease? This interview is based on their peer-reviewed, published paper: Immune system cells from COVID-19 patients display compromised mitochondrial-nuclear expression co-regulation and rewiring toward glycolysis.
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Dr. Mishmar, a professor, geneticist and evolutionist, runs his own lab (Mishmar Lab) at Ben-Gurion University in Israel.
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39 thoughts on “The Mitochondria's Role in COVID 19 | Interview
  1. He advocates getting the shot? In possibly the most highly vaxxed/boosted/boosted/boosted country in the world with persistently high infection rates? How can one make sense of that?

  2. I do understand part of this problem. Those shots are injected with chemicals components : among them :glycols. In a form that few understand the damages given to those receivers 😢😢😢😢

  3. Question : results from people with the Bicho…but they don’t mention about bicho caused after people received the needle ., which it makes a big difference between mitochondrial on those receiving the needle vs those not receiving anything but got the Bicho😱😱😱😱it turned out these 2 “ SCIENTISTS “ again a dam people who have not dig enough into the chemical composition on these kkunas., they shall spend time doing this research before recommending these kknas

  4. I think you know it is not being called an immunization at all.
    Fauci and all said and proof of course now exists, that the injection has not prevented infection in some people, and they Fauci, and pfizer both said the shot can shed. They said that not me.
    Look at the Israeli study.

  5. I live in Israel, and the pressure upon scientists and doctors to go along with the government's injection program and not advocate for HCQ and IVY influences their research studies and professional opinion.
    Isn't it true that zinc in the cells keeps Covid out of the cells of the body? The mitochondria would not be influenced by Covid if Quercitin, or HCQ or IVY facilitated the zinc entry into the cell.
    I have no doubt that the fatigue and other dysfunctions caused by Covid involves the mitochondria because the virus has impaired the functions of the cells. Antioxidants are not the only possible remedy, help is available by targeting necessary amino acids, minerals, and other supplements.
    In my opinion these researchers failed to mention whether the subjects of their study had been injected and how many injections they received.
    Remember, Israel has one of the highest injection rates in the world.

  6. Would you please discuss monoclonals being under-manufactured, rationed and denied? My son has severe immunodeficiency is unable to build immunity to vaccines. The only effective, approved therapy for people like my son is CDC recommended effective early monoclonal antibody therapies for the like Evusheld and Sotrovimab. The goverment has only ordered 1-10% of sotrovimab that is needed for those who qualify and less of Evusheld which is a highly effective monoclonal injection vaccine for the vulnerable.

    The covidV was never tested in immunocompromised and they knew these other therapies were needed. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated vulnerable qualify for these therapies and would benefit from them given early, day ONE. Instead they are rationedDenied and not given soon enough. These people are being deniedTreatment and the people in charge are pushingTheV and blaming unvax for the govermentFailing to provide for these people. It is costing more money to hospitalize all of the vulnerable than to give these CDC recommended therapies. Misinformation amongst the MSM is rampant right now and its hurting people like my son, the truly vulnerable who we are supposed to be protecting. Protecting the vulnerable is the MOST important thing right now. It will save lives and help our country to get back on its feet. I wish more people were talking about this

  7. …….. Just to add, I believe that there are many different aerosolised viruses from experiments around the world lurking in freezers, the nasal spray will protect against any further escapes/releases………. just sayin' !

  8. Well if it weren't for the antioxidants I'd say they just came to say to get the vaccines, Israel was good at that, it was the one which took more shots, to reach the conclusion that after all the natural immune system does the same effect and maybe even better and without side effects. Whatever, thank you for the mitochondrya's lesson.

  9. If SARS-CoV-2 relies on glycolysis, what if you go into ketosis? Imagine that we could solve this pandemic, and perhaps other viruses along with it, just by having the whole world fasting for a month or doing a keto diet. This sounds like a much better idea to me than antioxidants such as Vitamin C that might limit cytotoxicity in the early phase of the disease. I suppose the proteins that they mention are sirtuins?

  10. Makes one wonder if the Frontline Doctors who have been injecting with vitamin C have been unknowingly treating the disease at its source in the blood mitochondria. 

    Interesting. Sad they felt they needed to promote the jabs, but I guess they would be censored if they didn't and recommended actually treating the disease.

  11. Women pass on the mitochondria therefore life. This is indisputably the greatest contribution to humanity and to family. For men to have a woman take on their surname and what the progeny will be communicated by seems small to be a small contribution in comparison.

  12. if the disease needs the glycolysis pathway (like cancer) then surely entering therapeutic or nutritional ketosis would offer a significant protection seeing as the energy production is based around bHb and fat burning rather than sugar.

  13. Thank you for this most enjoyable after dinner conversation of intellectual and charming people. Very refreshing and I feel I can go explain to the people who feel the Earth is still flat that this is a different disease than the flu.

  14. The mitochondria are linked to cancer by Thomas Seyfried of Boston College. Since we know that insulin resistance is problematic in many areas – diabetes, coronary disease and obesity, might the rapid advance of COVID -19 be linked in the increasingly vulnerable groups whose metabolic function is impaired: particularly the old, obese and other comorbidities?

  15. At the recent round table of Sen. Ron Johnson
    a scientist mentioned the many positive effects of HXC for the lockdown-virus patients,
    especially in regard of a special diabetes sugar problem.
    Maybe related to the topic here.

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