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"Live with Nassim" • February 2022

“Live with Nassim” • February 2022

Contributing Members of Resonance Science Foundation get to ask our Director of Research, Nassim Haramein, questions on Zoom in these monthly “Live with Nassim” events in the Resonance Academy as one of their many benefits of becoming a Contributing Member. By doing so, you support our mission to unify physics and science as a whole.

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39 thoughts on “"Live with Nassim" • February 2022
  1. I'm a huge fan of the Resonance Science Foundation and I'm also a huge fan of the Wolfram Physics Project. Maybe these two can be combined! The Wolfram model has pure space as a foundation for all matter and energy, basically the same as what Nassim has said. And they even have a speed for entanglement similar to what Nassim has described.

  2. Wow, what Nassim said about the birth of stars from spinning black holes producing jets sounds like what I have been thinking about, but I see a star as TWO black holes spinning around each other. Each jet spins to produce a disc, and in turn the two black holes orbit each other so that energy blasts out in all directions in a spherical formation.

  3. Why is it always, " other than Self""love ❤️? I don't believe that'!! It s 💖self first
    And camarade 😀
    I lovvv that feel in a car at xxx km hour… which.. can only get if driving alone 😂

  4. I’m excited abt 2,22,22. Paper on aether inertia particle ocean which is the field of everything.. I’m a perturbation of this field of dots of plank size and it’s spinning. It’s like pure potential.

  5. Good morning scribes ov the time!
    A thought,,,,
    Is love as a expression ov emotion could it be at itts height ov be at divinity, Obviously combined with though intent be point at which creation is possible..???

  6. Consciousness itself draws learning from collect ov Universal consciousness,
    You gentle men,
    Are at a point ov knowledge, that the big fella would be happy too sit and talk too you,for itts personal
    Benefit… growth n comprehension.

  7. In one word Love could be thought of as Gravity. It really is that thing that connects us as its that force that draws one towards singularity. Its the force that brings soulmates to one another. The Corpus Hermeiticum says that the All is Life and Light meaning Gravity and Electromagnetic Radiation. But you can substitute Life with Love and say All is Love and Light.
    But in saying all that there is an Energy of Love that can be a little more defined. And I've discovered this truly does have a connection with the colour green. The guiding sage like Hermes or Al Khadir is a Daemon that connects us to the inevitable perfection of fate. We can listen to this guide which leads us to our souls desire. Whats interesting is I found out that Man is the only species to have this special kind of Energy of Love. I have yet to truly define what "Man" is but I'm certain the Grays aren't a member of this species. They're grey because they aren't green. And in the Chakra system the Heart chakra is connected to the colour green. The colour green is of utmost importance to us discovering the deepest sides to this Energy of Love and who and what we are.
    I obviously splurged all that out. There is quite a lot of information I shared in such a small space.

  8. First 15 mins and Nassim explained it all. How is it, that the way he explains quantum physics is understandable to the person like me, when physics always been a black magic for me? I love Nassim so much, and im so grateful for all he is doing for Earth and humanity, I have no words.. blessings to all of you 🙏

  9. hope Reign Noa sees this. Please publish your findings where it be a book or some other format. The evolution of humankind depends of persons like you for our further developing consciousness. Do not let the fact that you think you are limited in any way because someone told you have a limiting potential, its just not true. You are powerful and can do anything you set your intentions to do.

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