Sunday, February 5, 2023
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Theories of Consciousness: Panpsychism vs Dualism vs Materialism | Philip Goff and Lex Fridman

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Philip Goff is a philosopher of mind and consciousness at Durham University and author of Galileo’s Error.

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49 thoughts on “Theories of Consciousness: Panpsychism vs Dualism vs Materialism | Philip Goff and Lex Fridman
  1. Materialism is… just… nevermind… it’s very smart people attempting to explain things that ancient cultures have always known thru fancy theories and mathematics.

  2. "At the end, the reality is not an illusion but what we experience about reality is an illusion." – Cyborg around the mid-twenty-second century.

  3. There is a huge difference between arguing that the boundaries of the physical sciences need to be expanded and arguing that concsiousness in any form is the underlay of reality….the first argument is fairly reasonable if you consider the history of science and philosophy…for the second argument however you need some hard evidence….

  4. i did not hear that in physics class in high school lol. that atoms, quarks, have a simple form of consciousness and that actually they are in a sense experiencing their own base feelings and reality, in the simplest form to our own whole body consciousness. i have heard that molecules are alive though, which would basically translate to this. amazing information. to break down conscioueness to that level that the smallest forms of matter are conscious themselves, and that physics itself, can come from our study of their behavior, and not that physics is by itself isolated and the origin all theory.

  5. Panpyschism is exactly how its described in our culture. And the underlaying ubiquitous consciousness actually changes over time, akin to the force of gravity weakening or something. And the consciousness in matter can be augmented through specific process, but those occur basically in a higher dimension.

  6. The problem with panpsychism is that a rock would have the same consciousness as our brain. The fact that different patterns of brain activity are correlated to different states of mind is a pretty strong argument that consciousness is just a product of patterns in networks. And the fact that we can replicate some of the brain functions into digital networks makes it an even stronger argument. The particles are irrelevant, it's the firing patterns of the neurons.

  7. So, what exactly is experience like for these simple quanta or even for electrons, photos, quarks, etc.? How does experience play out in a probabilistic world at the most fundamental level?

  8. Materialism can't be proven by its own presuppositions ie the laws of logic aren't material. It is false. Dualism is just every ancient religion, whereby there's no reason to choose between the Good and the Bad because they are just flip sides of the same coin, thus equally viable. How smart people can be fooled by 5th grade philosophical questions is beyond me

  9. there can be no theory of reality because reality can not be put in words..theories are basically words and symbols…reality is non verbal and reality can only be experienced…just like you can not bite your own teeth or a knife doesn't cut itself…reality escapes all concepts and duality is the operating system of the physical world

  10. read this carefully, it is more important, there's someone wrote this in more details about two years ago: What generates consciousness type one is self-concept itself. Consciousness type two is just a small part of self-concept, even though it plays a main role in the background such as using cerebellum to make a very sophisticated mathematical operations, for high accuracy tasks such as in shooting, driving, …. etc. Involuntary nervous system, immune system, ….. Self-concept uses consciousness type one to recognize the inner and outer world but there is better definition. Self-concept is one of the most advanced coding systems in existence itself, it works deeper than genes, and deeper than so-called quantum physics. It's governed by science and only science but very sophisticated. it works in the fundamental building blocks of existence itself. Humans have to focus on consciousness type one that's more than enough to master science. the current mathematics, physics, … are incomplete and include many mistakes too, it will take time to revise and improve science, that time humans can think seriously to understand consciousness type one. In consciousness type one self-concept uses right side of the brain to resemble itself and the left side for logical judgment, control, but actually who is in more control is the right side, there is a strong interactions between who uses both is the same one, that is the secret of that dialog in the brain, it's more complicated than that of course but it is just to concise. there was more details about space-time, Gravity, entanglement, superposition, consciousness, awareness, concept of infinity, numbers,…… He wrote them on one of the YouTube channels, they are hidden or deleted purposely, but he has sent them per email before, and…… there was only one condition from the beginning: steal but do not pollute, I knew all this from the beginning, I have told them this is not for you it is for future generations, they could not digest that, human logic and ….. logic are completely different, the only thing they can do is polluting human logic, I am not interested in the world of …. because it is not my world. all I care about is that the message reaches future generation clean and not polluted. it is not COVID-19 effect or revelation from the sky, it is a thievery using patching techniques through thievery. many want to steal a specific model "self-concept" lately they imitate a specific model. there's someone wrote this in more details, the main goal is thievery, they want to build a similar model using patching techniques of thievery: by the way, the location of self-concept is the brain-stem and the surrounding area but reaches the the vital organs during awake, it generates so-called personal identity too, which continue throughout the person's life, ….. all this hid or deleted purposely, probably it is a thievery. for sure he has heard of many thieves lately (between utter thievery and patching techniques using thievery) ! in some cases such as severe psychological trauma self-concept disconnects the left side of the brain "it does work but partially works and in chaos" they are committing a real crimes against future generations by stealing or using patching techniques of thievery, he told them from the beginning it is a message for future generations, you can steal "whole package" but do not pollute, but they did not respect the deal. Many thieves have stolen what he has wrote, they use thievery as patching techniques, some replaced what he has wrote with their illusions such as meta-consciousness, sub-consciousness some other apes have stolen what he has wrote literally. He wrote about most of the main scientific and philosophical topics. That was on one of the YouTube channels “closer to truth as comments”

  11. he already told them steal like any…… but do not pollute, because human logic and …… are completely different, so the only thing they can do is polluting, some others use thievery as patching techniques.

  12. the irrationals want to steal then interpret using their little irrational minds! not only that they categorize others relying on their little irrational defected logic !
    it seams like an ….. stole a device from human then want to explain to other …. how it does work ! there is something attracts the …… to each other, I have noticed that from the beginning, it is irrationality itself !

  13. funny ……. panpsychism after polishing it using thievery as patching technique seems better for the irrational …..! the ……. think that it is a matter of choice ! the …. want to fly into their sick imaginary irrational realm !

  14. do you know that comments could be more valuable than the content of the video and sometimes more important than the entire world of the ……….. ! funny isn't it !
    some said commentators have no rights thus their comments are only valuable for thievery !

  15. what I have wrote have nothing to do with so-called dualism ! I don't care about the hallucinations of the ….., they said that they are looking for the truth so I slapped them with the ultimate truth instead of their irrational imaginary world.
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  24. Mendeleev got the periodic table in a dream, and upon waking wrote it down and later found only a few small errors. Then he made sure everyone knew this, perhaps his greatest contribution.

  25. arguing the irrationals is energy consuming and not smart at all, maybe they think I am interested in or enjoy arguing the irrationals, sometimes it is terrible experience similar to being stucked among the irrationals, I wouldn't write even one word if there is no responsibility towards my kind especially future generation, it was hard to leave them behind me without doing my best to tell them the truth "who they are to have the ability to survive as rational entities".
    now it is your responsibility, do whatever you like.

  26. What i getting is that materialism is, well just what you would think it is with that name, dualism adds something else and panpschyme calls that something else consciuosness

  27. @6:40 I reject that. Consciousness doesn't have to be a function of the physical world in panpsychism, it can be something that all physical matter has or has a degree of, but that doesn't mean that consciousness is physical or part of the physical half of reality. It is so fundamental that it precedes the physical half of reality.

  28. @7:50 if all matter is reducible to energy and the more gross, solid forms of matter are just energy moving at slower vibrations then you can imagine how consciousness can be a mixture of energy and information at different levels of vibration. As things reach higher levels of vibration energy changes, things can heat up, change color, give off sounds etc. But everything is in motion. What we call matter can still be reduced to energy in motion. It's at these levels of analysis that we start to see that matter comes after energy and consciousness.

  29. you can’t have consciousness without unconsciousness. saying everything is unconscious energy or conscious energy is the same false reductionism from different extremes. I think that it is impossible to think about the fundamental state of existence in the way we know how to think. thoughts are pieced together with words, and words are pieced together with symbols. symbols can’t fully capture what the symbols are symbolizing. so ultimately, fundamental reality is indescribable.

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