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What is Long-Haul Covid Syndrome? Hi everyone. I am Asher Milgrom, the chief science officer of AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare. I am back with you after about two years of a hiatus.  If you are wondering where we’ve been for the last two years, well, guess. We’ve been deeply in the trenches in the fight with Covid. Figuring out exactly what to do and how to care for you best.


So we are back, and this video today is about Long-Haul Covid. There is good news about Long-Haul Covid, but first let me explain to you exactly what it is.

About 20% of the people who get the virus as well as about 20% of the people who never got the virus, but who got the vaccine, get the long-haul syndrome that can persist for a very long time. The symptoms of Long-Haul Covid can end up being a lot worse than the Covid infection itself.

It kind of works out like this. Some people get the virus and they recover very quickly. Then 2, 3, 4 months later, they start getting sick again with a different set of symptoms.

Same thing with those who get the vaccine. They get the vaccine. They do fine for a while. Then 2, 3, 4 months later, they start getting sick with a whole new set of symptoms.

There are also those who get sick initially or get the vaccine initially, get sick right away and stay sick. Either way, the long-haul symptoms are those that persist for months. In some cases, we have patients here that have had long-haul symptoms for over a year.

All of this is caused by a dysregulation of the immune system. In the second article that we do about the science, I will explain this more.

One of the silver linings of this whole Covid pandemic is that a lot of research has been done on the immune system to figure out where chronic illnesses come from. The chronic illness in case of Covid has very similar mechanisms as chronic Lyme or chronic Candida or Epstein-Barr virus that keeps on coming up chronically over and over again. We’re beginning to realize that this is a dysregulation of certain elements of the immune system that just go crazy and won’t shut down.

So the question is, what do we do about this? Now, again, going back to the FLCCC website, they have listed the medications. Again, these are also well-known, repurposed medications to help shut down those inflammatory cells.

Look at that list for the long-haul recovery and know that your doctor hopefully would be willing to prescribe these medications for you. And if not, we’ll be happy to do it. Just reach us and we’ll be happy to prescribe them for you. And that’ll shut down the ongoing inflammation. But then you still have to deal with the tissue damage that’s been accruing. Without that, you’re going to have a very slow, painful and protracted recovery to get back to health. So how do we repair these tissues, these organs that have been damaged by chronic inflammation? There are five modalities that work extremely well.

The first one is called apheresis, which was developed here in the United States back in the 1980s and perfected elsewhere in the world and now used extensively for long-haul, chronic infections and illnesses.

What apheresis does is filters the blood. Let me explain very briefly. When you’ve had a long-term infection and a long-term chronic inflammation and damage to the tissues, your blood accumulates with debris. Debris from viral overloads, debris from bacterial overloads, like in the case of Lyme, and actually particles and debris from tissue that’s been degraded and degenerated and destroyed.

Modality number two is ozone itself. Ozone comes in the EBOO apparatus and you can also have it separately.

The third modality are IV therapies.

The fourth modality is called hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Now the last of these modalities are stem cells. And of course, I have to be very careful when I speak of stem cells, because the FDA has very strict regulations about how we’re allowed to speak about them, but just know that stem cells are the holy grail of regenerative medicine.

So in summary, as toxic as the spike proteins are, whether you get them naturally or from the vaccines, the fear of this thing, the derangement that’s going on in our society about COVID, the incredible craziness about COVID is as unhealthy for you as the virus itself.

Hopefully this good news and this knowledge will help you recenter yourself and come back to your center where there’s some peace of mind and some stability and equanimity and come back to your healthy, vital, joyful life.

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  1. Bravo yes Bravo, Dr. Asher Milgrom and this brilliant, if not precious stone : rare – but very practical steps to recognize and take action to take longhaul C19 out to task!

    And praise be to our God in Heaven for your giving rightful credit where the credit is correctly due : that healing of our minds and bodies is truly a Divine gift!

    Godspeede sir ! Godspeede.

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