Sunday, February 5, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Using Supplements to Complement Feeding Therapy

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Today I want to show you how you can boost the effectiveness of traditional therapies with the addition of supplements and diet changes. Here I’ll discuss how two supplements, when paired with feeding therapy, can speed up your child’s progress.

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One thought on “Using Supplements to Complement Feeding Therapy
  1. well done for bringing biochemistry to this area It really annoyes me why the mainstream allways assumes the psychology route to mental difficultuties where is the biochemistry in this ,,it should be presumed to be at least half of the equasion , As Dr albert mensah says mental illness is more flawed chemistry than " flawed character ,,, He has some interesting vids on you tube on this topic as does his mentor dr william walsh – walsh institute ,,,, few intro vids are : walsh institute nctv17 ,,podcast 132 bulletproof radio ,, & the facinating ,,leeza gibbons show with dr bill walsh ,,,, ,dr yang and dr walsh discuss nutrient therapy most recent vid ,,, i speak from a very positive experience of my collegues lifelong GAD disorder with these guys well so keep up good work enjoy vids hope they are of help best wishes

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