Sunday, February 5, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Anti-Aging Interventions, TRT, Cortisol, and How to Fix Your Metabolism with Dr. Kyle Gillett

Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy really a one-size-fits-all treatment? How can you stabilize cortisol levels? We cover it ALL in this episode. In addition to a deep dive on hormonal health, you’ll also get a comprehensive look at cutting-edge longevity practices, and the big levers to repair a broken metabolism.

Today’s guest, Dr. Kyle Gillett, is an M.D. who emphasizes evidence-based treatment medicine, and who believes each patient should be treated holistically. Dr. Gillett utilizes shared decision-making, and a patient-centered approach to meet the needs of each individual’s body, mind, and soul.

You’ll learn:
– Common mistakes made in TRT regiments.
– Six BIG lifestyle interventions that can be immediately implemented.
– What defines cellular aging, and what you can do to optimize cellular health.
– How to balance thyroid and adrenal hormones (plus…a debunk on cortisol confusion).
– A protocol to repair a broken metabolism.

To learn more about Dr. Kyle Gillett, find him on Instagram @kylegillettmd or hear more podcasts with him at

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0:00 Welcome Dr. Kyle Gillett to the show.
1:15 Thank you to show sponsor Organifi.
3:00 Dr. Kyle Gillett’s background and journey into practicing holistic medicine.
6:15 What does a health intervention look like at Dr. Gillett’s office?
10:15 Thyroid health and hormones.
16:00 Stress, hormones, and the adrenal glands.
20:20 Optimizing cellular health.
27:15 Hormone replacement therapy.
31:00 The same prescription for everyone.
34:00 Possible side effects of aromatase inhibitors.
37:20 Why a caloric deficit?
43:50 Detoxification interventions.
47:30 Root cause of acid reflux.
50:30 Obesity medicine and aging.
56:10 Mitochondrial health practices.
1:02:00 What defines cellular anti-aging?
1:06:40 HRV.
1:11:00 Learn more about Dr. Gillett
1:11:45 Thank you again to our sponsor Organifi!


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5 thoughts on “Anti-Aging Interventions, TRT, Cortisol, and How to Fix Your Metabolism with Dr. Kyle Gillett
  1. Phenomenal podcast. I am on a GLP and it did wonders for me. I been on it for a year. Retired BB that became a diabetic. I reversed my diabetes with this and got crazy shredded without a big caloric deficit. My wife said, "I hope your not competing again." So my doc is happy and of course i am. This Doc is what we all need in a family physician. Good stuff!

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