Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Diving Deep with Steve Stavs, Sauna Space, Ikigai, Community, EMR and PBM

Podcast with Brian and Christal from SaunaSpace

Join us today as I chat again with Brian and Christal from SaunaSpace, still my number one overall biohack and certainly one of our favorite partners. This episode is a little different. Instead of a detailed unpacking of SaunaSpace’s incredible product, which we did on our first InstagramLive on episode 81, we hit a broad range of topics from C-19, to EMF, airplane travel to Jordan Peterson.

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SaunaSpace’s near-infrared (NIR) saunas are a non-invasive way to kickstart your body’s most beneficial processes. This happens in two ways: light therapy (phototherapy) and heat therapy (sauna). Unlike the traditional methods, NIR light works with your body’s biology to create radiant heat—from the inside out. By using near infrared’s shorter wavelengths in a way that mimics natural sunlight, the light penetrates deeply to raise your core temperature faster. That increase in temperature makes you sweat, but it also triggers the natural detoxification response.

Join us as we explore:

· The idea of what I call ikigai i.e. purpose and community
· The influence of EMF and how SaunaSpace is amazing at mitigating
· The surprising and scary connection between cellphones and fillings
· Handy tips to minimize EMF from cellphones and other gadgets
· How photobiomodulation is the healer of all healers

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