Sunday, February 5, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

How the eye controls your metabolism & health with Quantum Eye Surgeon – Dr. Jacob Montgomery

Dr. Jay Montgomery was still insulin resistant even while following a keto diet & his health was rapidly declining in his early 40’s. Enter the work of Dr. Jack Kruse, circadian biology and quantum physics – and he was able to completely transform his health!
In this episode we talk about how the eye controls metabolism and overall health, why LIGHT is the most important variable to control for your health & so much more!

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4:49 Dr.Montgomery’s health journey
7:45 How mitochondrial function is linked to all disease
9:47 Preventative care vs Sick care
10:20 Can supplements help improve mitochondrial function?
11:21 What is the function of mitochondria?
12:30 What is redox function
14:06 How important is the eye with overall health
15:50 The evolution of the eye with the sun
17:09 How to reset the circadian rhythm
18:38 The eye’s effect on metabolism
21:46 Cataract surgery and circadian rhythm
22:27 How many of us are blue light toxic?
22:58 Screen time & behavior in children
25:07 Dr. Montgomery’s perfect quantum day
27:54 Optimal bedroom set up for best sleep
38:49 The benefits of cold plunging
38:17 The benefits of sauna
42:00 Photobiomodulation/red light therapy
43:11 The link between food and circadian rhythm
48:31 Should we ever protect the eyes with sunglasses
50:48 Views on LASIK
53:00 Vitamin D supplements
56:00 Vitamin D and C-19
1:02:05 The importance of DHA
1:05:29 Organ meat for vitamin A
1:08:00 Why it is always best to avoid supplements
1:08:15 The importance of water & deuterium

This video is not medical advice & as a supporter to you and your health journey – I encourage you to monitor your labs and work with a professional!
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16 thoughts on “How the eye controls your metabolism & health with Quantum Eye Surgeon – Dr. Jacob Montgomery
  1. Great info as usual 👍 And I'm glad you touched on screens and younger kids as this is definitely something we are working through for my grandson. If you have any extra resources or links or channels for us to review that would be super good as screen addiction at a young age seems to be a thing.

  2. Thank you for this! I have genetic cytochrome C oxidase deficiency. I have always craved being outdoors in sunlight and literally become ill without it. No one (including my docs) have taken me very seriously. I have pursued this myself – chasing sunlight, infrared sauna, blueblocker glasses, cold plunges, early TRF, keto carnivore diet, strength training. I have learned all this doing my own research and N=1 experiments. I will always have some issues but this conversation makes me feel vindicated in my pursuit to own this disorder!

  3. Im sure I am not outside enough. My phone is beside me when I am sleeping on do not disturb, except for my family. I do time restricted eating done by 5 pm. Except if work goes beyond but still try by 6 , been Keto almost 3 years. I need blue blockers so are they all the same? Great information. Im all in on health. Internet only on my phone.

  4. Let me see if I get straight, when we are between the sunrise until the sunset, we want to have as many blue light as we can even if it is virtual blue light from the TV or the smartphone? Because since I had my first smartphone I always use it the blue light filter all day long, and I use it a lot. If I turn the blue light filter off during the day and only turning it on in the night then I would be helping my circadian rhythm? And other question, about the infra red light of the sun, how much should I be outside to get enough infra red light from it, as I understood i will be effective even if it is a cloudy day right?

  5. It gives me hope for our collective future when I see MD’s willing to change their minds from the accepted dogma and speak out about what truly helps people be well. Thank you both for the work you’re doing!

  6. So much awesome info…saving to listen to it again and again. Iv not heard anyone talking about bio identical hormones. Any info for me? I had to have a hysterectomy in my middle 40’s. Have been on since then and I’m 56!

  7. Mother, you don't let me say a word, there's no use to speak, no one understands! Let me choose what food I need. Don't be afraid, I'm gonna be all right. You've tried your best I see, but all this time you've been saving you mom. You can't see me, ask Dad, he knows for sure what I need. Don't try to analyse, just do whatever he says and watch, what's gonna happen! Don't be afraid! Come to me mom, my door is open.

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