Sunday, February 5, 2023
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REVERSE AGING: What To Eat & When To Eat To INCREASE LONGEVITY | Dr. David Sinclair

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Age is not the definitive factor it’s made out to be when it comes to our health. We can use our age as a baseline for tracking our health and longevity, but it isn’t stagnant. For example, certain types of testing can help us compare our biological age to our calendar age in order to tinker with our wellness routine and achieve the milestones we’re after. With the right steps, we can slow down and even sometimes reverse the aging process.

When it comes to our biological age, or the measure of how well our body is actually functioning for whatever life stage we are in, there are many things that impact it. Diet, lifestyle patterns like exercise and sleep, and stress are all involved in forming our biological age, along with many other factors like blood sugar, inflammation, and genetics. This week on The Doctor’s Farmacy, I’m joined by Dr. David Sinclair to explore the topic of longevity and anti-aging and how he reduced his own internal age by more than 20 years. Dr. Sinclair is a professor in the Department of Genetics and co-director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging at Harvard Medical School, where he and his colleagues study longevity, aging, and how to slow its effects.


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32 thoughts on “REVERSE AGING: What To Eat & When To Eat To INCREASE LONGEVITY | Dr. David Sinclair
  1. Dr David SINCLAIR takes statin to reduce his cholesterol which paradoxically is , at nearly 2.30 gr at an optimal level for the lowest mortality (refer to the youtube videos of Dr Michael Lustgarten on the topic of cholesterol ).

  2. Dr. Sinclair is not a medical doctor he’s a researcher so therefore take the information he presents as that vs. Dr. Hyman who is a medical doctor. I’ve personally really enjoyed listening to both their perspectives and then taking what applies to me where I’m at now.

  3. I am currently conducting an N-of-1 trial with the purpose of determining if improving motivational factors may help extend longevity. Exercising, eating right and getting enough rest are linked to greater longevity. Exercising, eating right and getting enough rest on a consistent basis requires proper motivation. I theorized that positive reinforcement might increase motivation. My preliminary findings indicate that the body releases endorphins and oxytocin during intimacy, and these feel-good hormones improve motivational factors linked to consistent exercising and beneficial nutritional decisions. The minimum effective intimacy dosage appears to be once per week. However, it will take more experimentation to definitively prove my theory. I would like to thank my assistants in the sex worker industry for their dedication and attention to detail. That's one small snatch for man, one giant leap for mankind.

  4. Eat less, be hungry once in a while, exercise, get your proteins mostly from plants, carbohydrates are good but avoid processed food, go for hot-cold shower and winther bathing ( good for building Brown fat – keep you slim and fit)

  5. Get yourself a walking treadmill. Just stand on it and walk while on the phone at your desk or listening to calls. Works like a champ! Four hours at the gym, it does not work that way. That does not count as four hours of workout in a week. Disappointing to hear you talk about taking medication prophylactically and eating meat. If you have such high cholesterol, then the best thing to do is to go all plant-based and get all your proteins from plants. It’s worth a 12 week experiment to see what that does for your cholesterol, and I will bet pretty heavily that it will drop dramatically. Of course, you also have to exercise at least four or five different days a week, like taking 3 mile walks and maybe cycling or some thing like that. Just my two cents and I don’t have a half million subscribers either!

  6. Dont understand the conversations, when the US is the sickest country in the word, when compared to all the money they put into health…
    More medicine and people just get sicker by the day…
    Why not focus on keeping people healthy, all the time until they the "old" @ around 75, no need to extend then madness going on now…
    So in other words, stop the medicine and start eating healthy…
    Stop poisoning "the foods" and the regular consumers…
    Medicine will soon kill more people, then it heals…
    Get Real… – Wake up, before it is too late…

  7. I totally rely on that a patient may know much more about his disease than an expert doctor. I'm 28, have crohn's disease for 13 years and treating it with diet.
    If it weren't for crohn's i dont know if i would ever get on board on the marvellous ship of wellness and long living. I think that i might start feeling lucky about my disease because of all the doors to science and biochemistry that it opened for me!
    I'm loving it!!

  8. Sinclair needs consistent exercise. Not once a week. Heat and cold! Yes! Cold stress. If you work out heavily, the right amount of protein, and the right amount for you is something to titrate.

  9. It is always interesting to me to hear discussion about our diet. Here in the US, we are suffering and end up drying b/c we eat too much, the wrong kind of food. In other countries, they are dying b/c they don’t have enough food. The universe is so unfair sometimes.

  10. The theory evolution has been hindering the advancement of science and of medical research. By their stumbling block, evolution scientists have been rolling around without making any headways: it is their destiny and their returns. Even if it is obvious that there is a creator of all things that can not be denied by any experimental data and scientific theory.

  11. mark – you said on your podcast “David Sinclair is ‘barking up the wrong tree “ WTF (???) ‘four hours in the gym ?? Uh ha ha ha ha !” Dude David is SOmbusy he only has Sunday’s to work out with his son . Mark nobody CARES that you have a stream in your house dude . “You are a Tenured guy (a Harvard) you can say whatever you want , ah ha ha ha ha” you are UNFUNNY , your humor is like a nervous tik for you, it’s off putting to your guests and audience . “You don’t really need metformin , ahhh ha ha ha ha ha Mark he uses it to upregulate MTOR pathway….you are entirely outclassed by this guest SHUT THE F UP and LISTEN

  12. your program I have your amazing book love it 😍 my question is what’s your thoughts on Microlingual
    resveratrol-100-mg dose it work? Hope to get answers thx ☺️

  13. I believe in diet and exercise meditation letting go of toxic people and food. However I don't want to live into my 80's or 90's. Life is nothing to cling onto unless we are contributing to society. And how do the hangers on propose to pay for their time here ? It takes thousands a month to care for geezers plus the emotional toll on their family. What the longevity people leave out is the financial bit because they are selling their philosophy but it's not a moral philosophy.

  14. Getting your body through stress everyday to add few years…sometimes i think what's the point really? Most people enjoy food and love sugar, that makes them feel good. So living to 80-90 and enjoy everyday of your life or add few more years and restrain yourself every single day then die at 95. Will fasting and cold shower make you live to 120? No!
    With that in mind i am still obssesed with longevity for more than a decade. I do fasting here and there and miss some sugar food here and there. But im not going to "suffer" by fasting several days or doing 22/2 diet and avoid all sugars all my life. What the point in life then?
    Not eating to extend few years is a poor solution really. Humanity need to come up with something better, like a pill that mimic this fasting mechanisim.

  15. My Dream Team Podcast Series “True Health Care”, Moderated by Dr. Casey Means and including: Hyman, Sinclair, Perlmutter, Fung, Lustig, Gundry, Bikman, Fettke, Huberman and Amen! Then make it mandatory for every politician to watch it and every medical school have a semester of functional medicine using it as a teaching guide!!! Why is this so hard to make happen?!

  16. Did i hear correct, that it is possible to take glycolic acid orally? Which form it should be, how to find it? Anyone could clarify? 🙂 Thank you so much!


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