Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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26 thoughts on “Live debunk – Saturated Fat and Mitochondrial Function.
  1. I think taking down these meat heads is bring over a lot of interest from the darkside ! Often the debunks come up next to the meat heads on YouTube feeds 🤣🤣I can just imagine the face when they see that 🤣🤣 I noticed a common response is to half ass address the subject without naming you or bringing attention to debunk directly 🤣🤣 Basil Fawlty " Don't mention the war "

  2. I ate homemade oven dried and backed Carnivore beef crisps and Carnivore chicken skin crisps with dip made from cream cheese, heavy cream and slim quark, lots of protein and fat and this was the entree, main course was fatty tri tip and dessert was a mousse made from heavy cream, slim quark, a tablespoon of cocoa powder, glycine as sweetener, a splash of lime juice cause it was Valentines Day lol. Today it is leftover dip, 2-4 beef crisps and leftover tri tip.

  3. Also i think he missed other organs that indicates the rats it is enough saturated to eat. You cannot put too much fat in isolated cells because first rhe rat's body would not allow that to happened. Thats my conclution 🤭

  4. I am craving butter…lots of it… is this normal on carnivore…I eat beef only…except roast and ribs something with them makes me nauseated (no I don't add any extra fat) but the last few days I literally eat butter straight, right off the spoon…

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