Sunday, February 5, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Standing For Truth Classics: Donny vs. Marshall – Universal or Separate Ancestry? | Origins Debate

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We believe that the Bible is true & can be put to the test for validity. We obviously know that the Bible has parables, allegories, poems, laws, short stories, genealogy, proverbs, sermons, prayers, prophecy, proverbial text, epistles, etc. But most importantly history. What we do is test the history spoken of in the Bible with science & let the evidence speak for itself. We discovered that the evidence is in favor of Creation which just so happens to falsify evolution theory. This is why they know we are a threat & must remove Creation science from the education system at any cost.
Evolution theory is nothing but an attempt to rule out God that mixes truth with lies. Hutton’s Book “Theory of the Earth” was published in 1795, it was designed to make the population doubt the Earth was 6,000 years old. Then Lyell’s (a lawyer) book “Principles of Geology” published in 1830, was designed to make the population doubt the Flood. Even in his words, it was to “rid the science of Moses”. Then in 1859 Darwin’s book “Origin of Species” was published which made people doubt Creation. Darwin said He murdered God. He used a step by step process to use secularism as the new religion.

Message from Myself.. I once believed in Evolution like most, but after I really began to uncover the evidence all that changed. Now I am here to unveil the deception we were all told was the truth. Let me give you a few examples of how the theory has already been falsified yet remains.
Here is the evolutionary theory in action! Flip-flopping U-turning, Reinventing, & Rescue devices.
*Darwin also predicted evolution as a gradual process known today as Darwinian Gradualism. However many out of place fossils were discovered that falsified this so they invented “punctuated equilibrium” as a rescue device for when evolution speeds up real fast in a time frame that is far too short for gradual evolutionary processes. Then they found that these slow processes can not move at all as they found “living fossils”. So they invented the “stasis” rescue device. They also had a problem when the evidence showed that Darwin’s slow natural processes which was called “natura non facit saltus” meaning “nature does not make jumps” were found to make huge jumps. This was named “Saltationism” a complete contradiction. If it goes backward it’s called de-evolution, or backward evolution in biology. As you can see, they rescued their fable by inventing new hypotheses & adding them into gradualism. Another perfect example of how & why evolution is not science, but pure unfalsifiable nonsense.
*Back in the 60’s evolution predicted that because deep time must be true, living organisms shouldn’t share any genetic similarities because deep time would have separated them far too much. Then it was found they share many! So his predictions were removed & now it’s used as one of the best pieces of evidence FOR evolution when it’s actually a falsification of the theory.
*Dead Worthless Junk DNA became non-coding regulatory DNA. A clever rhetorical strategy they often use: Call it junk at first; Then when functions are found, call it the “motor of evolution.” Notice their rescued device every time is that they just ASSERT or ASSUME co-option.
* Functionless evolutionary leftover organs become functional organs deemed vestigial organs (lost primary function)
• A Singular Evolutionary tree became a 3 tier domain bush of life = Bacteria, Achaea, Eukarya.
*Mitochondrial clocks; The Observed fast rates from the pedigree method, became the slow phylogenetic assumption method because the clocks were falsifying the deep time theory.
Falsification after falsification happens but gets rescued by getting renamed time & time again everywhere you look. The theory exists to make the population ignorant & not special at all. “I don’t want a nation of thinkers. I want a nation of workers”. = John D. Rockefeller (Creator of the General Education Board (GEB) started in 1903. Rockefeller funds education to this day.

The evidence is overwhelming for YEC, & even with evolution being taught to the vast majority, still over 40% of the population knows the Earth is young regardless of being taught the contrary. This shows their indoctrination and lies have little effect on truth.


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10 thoughts on “Standing For Truth Classics: Donny vs. Marshall – Universal or Separate Ancestry? | Origins Debate
  1. The fore knowledge of epigenetics is highly suggestive and proof enough for a man to see intelligence beyond the greatness of anything we have observed. Thank you Donnie for focusing on this well documented knowledge.

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