Sunday, February 5, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

7 Cardinal Rules for Slowing Down Aging

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Many people are interested in slowing aging down, and so I want to share 7 things that I do in my life to hopefully slow the aging process and improve my vitality!

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Timestamps ⏱

0:00 – Intro
1:03 – Visit to get up to $200 off your Helix mattress, plus two free pillows
2:29 – High Fiber Diet
4:40 – Cyclical Keto Diet
10:48 – mTOR Stimulation
12:57 – Sunlight
14:30 – Eat Within 12-Hour Blocks
15:48 – Have Space Between Meals
16:47 – Zone 2 Cardio


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33 thoughts on “7 Cardinal Rules for Slowing Down Aging
  1. Hi Thomas. I’ve been struggling trying to find ways for sunlight exposure. It’s winter in my area from Mid December to June. Temperatures get a few degrees above freezing every couple of weeks and we get 1-2 bright sunny days a week ( at most). I ski on the weekends when I can but have very little skin exposure. I’ve looked at UVB lamps but not sure if that’s recommended or not. I take one cod liver oil capsule a day. I don’t feel like that’s enough for me. I’m wary of Vit D as a supplement but nit against it. I flip flop on that. I’d be grateful for tips.

  2. I found that when I go on long-distance hiking, it's very difficult to stay on a Ketogenic diet. (I did meet one guy who did manage it.) I mean situations where I'm hiking day after day for weeks at a time. Is this common? (Not the hiking, but not being able to stay keto.)

  3. Why not use whey protien to stimulate mtor? Being as last mo th you mentioned the release of insulin from whey protien is so fast and strong it can lower your bg.

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  6. Heres something Im curious about. What are the best choices we can make after a night of poor sleep? To fast? Or not to fast? Carbs or low/no carbs?
    Awesome videos, BTW 😎

  7. I don't think a cold plunge is necessary tho right? A 3 minute cold shower at the end of your daily shower gives benefits and I feel those probably jive with longevity?

    I'll admit I didn't do a ton of research into the cold showers before I just started doing them. I've added so many other healthy things into my lifestyle I figured why not.

  8. Thanks for keeping this old bro young, bro– but you need to distinguish about the difference between soluble (cow peas), which gets into the bloodstream, and insoluble (my cabbage) fiber which goes on thru.

  9. Leo & Longevity just released a few videos this week about longevity and the important role of LOW protein diet and dimming mTOR. What do you think about this?

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