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How to Get an Energy Boost Naturally | Ari Whitten In Conversation With Adiel Gorel – Part 2

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Did you know about the negative impacts of artificial light on health and wellness? What causes chronic fatigue and how does light therapy work to help us overcome this? Author of The Energy Blueprint, and energy and fatigue specialist Ari Whitten speaks to health seeker Adiel Gorel about all this and more.

Key Insights:

✅ As we need healthy food to nourish the body, so do we need natural sunlight for good health. It impacts health, our bones, eyes, skin, mood, fitness, energy levels and more.

✅ Blue light from artificial light sources is oxidative and can upset the body’s circadian rhythm & even damage the eyes. However, light therapies can help to counter this damage.

✅ There is a lot of misinformation around saunas, says Ari, and explains that traditional saunas probably have the most benefit. Steam can also help make the body healthier and stronger.

✅ Ari and Adiel talk about the many benefits of red and near infrared light therapy: anti-aging, muscle building, help in fat loss, improving hormone production, healing and more.

✅ When Ari was afflicted by mononucleosis from Epstein–Barr Virus, he had chronic fatigue. This made him focus on trying to find ways to enhance energy levels.

Author, Investment Expert and Wellness Advocate Adiel Gorel isn’t just an expert in his chosen fields but also a storyteller who makes complex issues easily accessible. Tune in to his show where he addresses diverse issues with a single aim to improve quality of life.

Have questions? Seeking the right information is the first step toward improving quality of life and health. Post your questions in the comment box below or get in touch with me directly.
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0:00 Introduction
0:40 Saunas, steam rooms, and hormesis
3:35 At home light therapy panels
17:04 Energy Blueprint, nutrition, and fatigue
25:55 Cold and heat
29:13 Eye health
33:21 Chronotypes
39:12 Learn more

Why am I so tired all the time?
How to deal with chronic fatigue
Does light therapy really work?
How to use light therapy to improve energy levels
Importance of natural light
Dangers of artificial light

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