Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Using Data Analysis to Study ME/CFS and Long Covid: Session 2

We expanded our Ramsay Grant Program in 2021 by launching the new Stupski Awards, which support research using data from the Registry. These webinars feature the 2021 Stupski Award recipients who will discuss their research and answer your questions.

In Session 2, Dr. Jennifer Stone discusses her Stupski-supported project, which uses advanced analytic methods to compare important demographic and clinical characteristics in people with ME/CFS to Long Covid controls and healthy controls.

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4 thoughts on “Using Data Analysis to Study ME/CFS and Long Covid: Session 2
  1. I'm in Australia and have been in the mitochondrial studies that Brett Lidbury featured. IMO biomarkers & pathology tests are the only thing that will give ME/long COVID the 'credibility' to attract big $ for research & treatment.

  2. Thanks Leslie and Solve ME for the opportunity to discuss our research plans and progress. And well done to Jennifer for her great work thus far on the current data project. I will be happy to respond to further questions via this forum.

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