Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The Mitochondria and Microbiota Dysfunction in Viral Pathogens

The Mitochondria and Microbiota Dysfunction in Viral Pathogens

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In this video, Dr. J and Evan tackle mitochondria and microbiota dysfunction. They highlight how this topic is vital since digestive health is a significant factor in the entire immune system.

The study they talked about shows how mitochondria and the microbiome levels should be in good shape by investing in healthy food templates, essential enzymes, vitamins, and the proper handling of stress. Functional medicine tests are also powerful to consider to identify the root cause or avoid gut issues.

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  1. My mom has kidney issues and won't take vitamin C saying too much burns out the kidney? How much vitamin C should we take for this issue and can eating a mandarin give enough vitamin C?

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