Friday, June 9, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

7 Heavy Metals That Wreck Your Health And Energy with Wendy Myers

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In this episode, I am speaking with Wendy Myers – who is a functional diagnostic nutritionist and a detox specialist. Wendy previously suffered from heavy metal toxicity and had to do heavy metal detoxing to overcome her health challenges. We will talk about the seven heavy metals that cause fatigue.

In this podcast, Wendy and I discuss:

The symptoms of heavy metal toxicity (the simple, give-away signs!)
From where in the environment we acquire heavy metals and toxins – you must avoid these at all costs
How metals interfere with your ability to produce energy, absorb nutrients, poison your immune system, disrupt your hormones, stop you sleeping properly and disrupt mitochondrial production (all affecting your vital energy!)
The best way to test for heavy metal toxicity (and a shocking conclusion that might save you some big money)
Which minerals help displace heavy metals and really must be taken when you detox
How to safely detox in a way that is efficient, safe and effective


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