Saturday, January 28, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Fasting And Mitochondria | Can Sunlight Help Your Fasting Effort?

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00:00 Intro
01:41 What are mitochondria?
02:32 How do you keep mitochondria healthy?
03:34 Does mitochondria increase with exercise?
04:43 What does hydrogen do in the mitochondria?
05:33 How does red light stimulate mitochondria?
06:50 Is ketones good for mitochondria?
07:52 What causes mitochondrial depletion?

Mitochondrial Needs:
#1 Vitamins and Minerals
#2 Oxygen
#3 Water
#4 Light
#5 Ketones

Mitochondrial Depleters
#1 Nutrient deficient foods
#2 Low levels of oxygen
#3 Low levels of hydrogen
#4 Blue light/lack of light
#5 Toxins
#6 Too much glucose


Effects of 7-day intake of hydrogen-rich water on physical performance of trained and untrained subjects

Infrared and skin: Friend or foe

Ketones: Metabolism’s Ugly Duckling

Susceptibility to COVID-19 in populations with health disparities: Posited involvement of mitochondrial disorder, socioeconomic stress, and pollutants

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25 thoughts on “Fasting And Mitochondria | Can Sunlight Help Your Fasting Effort?
  1. Oh yes this resonate. And since I've started to have a 30 mins walk on my lunch break (not having lunch, I'm doing Omad during my working days) I'm going out for a short walk instead to stay at my desk, I'm enjoying so much this new habit and if there is the sun out I really enjoy the feeling. (living in UK that feeling doesn't happen very often expecially in the winter) and my weight loss is going well more steady every week.
    The energy has improved as well. Thank you again for all your help Dr Mindy. Love your videos.

  2. Dear Dr. Mindy would you please be so kind to do a video about weight loss and female fasting (women who has a cycle). Thank you in advance ❤️

    Greetings and love from Serbia

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