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Mitochondrial Health

Online IB Tutoring | Cell Biology HL Part 2

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In this video, one of TestprepKart’s Biology experts is teaching about the remaining major topics in the Biology chapter, Cell, in detail, for the preparation of the Biology HL examination included in the IB Diploma Program. It includes a detailed overview of the organisms that altogether create a cell, in an interactive manner for students to appropriately understand the theoretical concepts and also enhance their problem-solving skills.

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The topics covered in the video are:
00:00 – Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
00:56 – Animal Cell
06:45 – About Metabolic Reactions or metabolism
13:07 – About Microscope
17:48 – Eukaryotic cell in detail
26:12 – Functions of Mitochondria
29:55 – Detailed explanation of Chloroplast
37:10 – Endosymbiotic Theory
43:25 – About Endoplasmic Reticulum
54:25 – About Lysosomes
56:55 – About Ribosomes
58:45 – About Plasma Membrane
1:09:30 – About Glycolipids

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