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Mitochondrial Health

Science Behind Improving Mitochondria Function – with Dr. Singh | The Empowering Neurologist EP. 144

Urolithin-A. Powerful Mitochondrial Therapy

So much of our health is dependent upon the function of our mitochondria, the energy providers found in each of our cells. Keeping our mitochondria functioning well is the reason that we, for example, exercise, engage occasionally in fasting, and do our very best to eat the very best diet we can.

New and exciting research has uncovered a natural, plant-based compound that is associated with significant improvement in mitochondrial function and aiding the body in getting rid of defective mitochondria, a process called my mitophagy. This chemical is called Urolithin-A, and today I have the distinct pleasure of interviewing Dr. Anurag Singh, who has done incredible work in both discovering urolithin-A as well as in conducting various human and animal studies demonstrating how potent it is in terms of nurturing mitochondrial health and functionality.

Again, we need to do everything we can to prevent our mitochondria from failing. Mitochondrial dysfunction is something we certainly see in various degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, but we now have markers that indicate that mitochondria are actually suffering in common conditions like type-2 diabetes and obesity. If we are to maintain our health, we’ve got to focus on maintaining mitochondrial function. I think you will all agree that we now may well have a powerful new, non-prescription tool, Urolithin-A, to help us achieve that goal.

I am certain that you will enjoy today’s podcast and find it very empowering.

0:00 Intro
3:16 Mitochondria Study
8:55 Why Mitochondria Matter
14:48 Sources of Urolithin A
19:34 How it Was Discovered
25:00 Anti-Inflammatories & The Gut
36:30 Conclusion

Dr. Anurag Singh is currently Chief Medical Officer at Amazentis SA, an advanced nutrition biotech company based in Lausanne, Switzerland that discovers and develops next generation natural compounds targeting improvements in mitochondrial health. In particular, Dr. Singh has designed and led for the last 7 years the clinical development program for the natural mitophagy activator, Urolithin A (Mitopure). This work has led to the commercial launch of several branded consumer health products (Timeline, Celltrient) targeting improvements in cellular health. Dr. Singh received his medical training in Internal Medicine from the Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, India and a PhD in Immunology from the University of Connecticut in USA. He has authored 30 articles in top peer-reviewed journals, holds 10 patents and has designed and led 40 clinical trials over the last 15 yrs.



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23 thoughts on “Science Behind Improving Mitochondria Function – with Dr. Singh | The Empowering Neurologist EP. 144
  1. Nice. Big pharma rushes in to save old fat people after they've been told to eat canola oil, high fructose corn syrup, grains, and all the other crap food big Agra cashes in on, and now more than likely a rescue med that will be horrifically expensive.

  2. Very informative, Mahalo. I'm almost 73 female, very active in weedwhacking, rock clearing by hand, and running a feline sanctuary. Had noted my strength-muscle had decline, which became worrisome. Since Nov 2021, I changed my diet and limited intake on calories, sugar and salt. Major positive noted difference in my health and strength recovering. Point is, the gut health is the key for overall better health.

  3. My motochondria are so unwell. I’ve had the worse Chroinic Fatigue for several years now. I’ve learnt through Ari Whitten a bit about mitochondria last year. I use to think it was one thing destroying my energy (gut health) but now I know that it’s also mitochondrial health. I am taking a month off work to do a parasite cleanse and GAPS diet/lifestyle to get my health kick started. Will be also focusing a lot on my mitochondrial health in that time also. I’m in Australia and blessed to have the sun in the month of March. Infact March will be a great time to spend in the sun because it’s not too hot unlike feb and Jan

  4. So the walk endpoint was not statistically better: sounds like a failed trial to me. Plus this interviewee has got many monetary interests in pushing a narrative. Sounds like a sales person to me

  5. Holly molly!! I've been on intermittent fasting and on the improvement of gut bacteria in order to cure my crohn's along with humira and indeed i've succeeded. But hearing that eurolithin A might be a potential drug for IBD and crohn's;; My god, it blew my mind!

    And the question is:
    How can i know if my gut bacteria are able to produce eurolithin A;

    I have inflammed ilium due to crohn(25cm long), i m on boxing, doing intermittent fasting 2-3 times per week and feeling nice about my gut bacteria population (eating more than 60g of soluble and insoluble fiber with no problem).
    Thanks in advance!

  6. Dr. Perlmutter is the only physician / researcher / scientist in videos who properly pronounces apoptosis! Sounds dumb, but having worked in a mitochondrial lab, I feel just slightly uplifited. [e.g., right before and after minute 13:30]. 

    BTY, nothing is more astounding than methylene blue. In many cases, including pain + use prior to a hard workout, cause and effect are astonishing. No downside in the range of .5 to 2mg / kilogram of body weight. 

    Dr. Perlmutter ought to interview Dr. Francisco Gonzalez-Lima, PhD at the University of Texas, Austin. He's the top guy on methlyene blue. A brilliant guy like out good doctor here.

  7. I wonder if there’s a connection between this & central sleep apnea. I’m not that overweight but suffer from it. Everytime I start to dose off I stop breathing. This happens throughout the night too. I’m constantly waking up. It’s a nightmare…

  8. I became pointedly interested in research about ATP and mitochondria function problems after taking statins for twenty years, all the while increasing the doses at the same time I felt I was aging rapidly and finding difficulty walking at any distance or speed. I felt lactic acid was building up far too readily, and clearance was debilitatingly slow. I'm 76, so expected problems aging, but this degree of debilitation pointed to learning way back in college of Krebs cycle and mitochondria. I went on Pubmed, and in twenty minutes I found eight research papers describing all of these problems are frequently associated with statins in 5 to 20 % of those taking them, perhaps I was more severely affected than most, but none of my doctors ever suggested that this could be associated with drugs I was taking. Over the next two years, after going against advice and stopping the drugs, I improved every day. I now have 90% less pain levels, and can walk far more effectively again. All of this has piqued my attention for understanding metabolic problems and how there are many lifestyle changes available to improve bioenergetics. I'm all ears!

  9. $200 a bottle? I’m sure it’s worth every penny but unaffordable for most. I settled for organic powdered pomegranate I can add to my 8 Greens and beet powder drink. Delicious, affordable and effective.

  10. Have been following this supplement for couple yrs during development. About 2 yrs ordered when first available for near 80 yr old mother. In mice showed big jump in endurance so a lot of hope. Mother after several months with no benefit or any noticed improvement. Here too for study with 66 people no statistical difference between supplement and sugar pill for key functional walk performance. Just like many other drugs and supplements with good results in lab for mice, worms, bacteria, etc and then nothing for people. Now best to move onto something new for development and tryout and best to stop pushing this little if any benefit, expensive Urolithin pill on people.

  11. A very balanced diet, with fiber and complex fiber.
    Along with appropriate supplements. In addition to a regular multi vitamin, I find L-carnitine has helped me so significantly, I did further research about mitochondrial. And decided for an additional supplement. While eating, resting and activity, all in expected routine. That this additional supplement was enough, until, further improved research is done.
    That and along with, occasional alkaline water, for hydration benefit.
    Seasonally, I take further reasonable vitamin and mineral intake, with regular hormone and sleep aid.
    I find all these in balance. Have allowed me to continue to improve greatly, from burnout, and problems with chronic fatigue, specifically under strain and pressures. 🙂

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