Saturday, June 10, 2023
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ALCAR is a Super Nootropic!

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13 thoughts on “ALCAR is a Super Nootropic!
  1. 47 yrs old, on trt. Prolactin is at 21. P5P has helped and brought it down from 24. Would ALCAR help bring up dopamine and lower prolactin? Or is there something better for my situation? Thanks 👍

  2. thnks man, you are amazing been following you long time , alcar is definately one of the best nootropics i had tried , and brother you are the reason for me being in the limitless state whenever required . thnks man love yaa … keep up the good work . you deserve 1m subs atleast and you would surely accomplish that down the road.
    peace 😉

  3. I tried Phosphythadel Serine with sulbiutamine – most euphoric and peaceful combo ever!
    Would love another top 10 list!
    Have you tested more pyschedelics combined with notropics?

  4. Appreciate this video. I have alcar sitting on the counter. I’ve been using 150 mg. I noticed a few times my dopamine levels were up for sure. I also stacked it with 150 mg of N acetyl L- tyrosine and about 40 mg choline. (Cognizin from nootropic depot ) to be exact. But it was kinda hit and miss. Im thinking now it was because to low of a dose of the alcar. I’m gonna do what you suggested for a week then wait a week and maybe ad the other stuff I was putting in there to see what happens. Love your videos. I’ve been watching them for years now.

  5. ALCAR is a pretty good all encompassing mind/body virility promoter. An effect akined to an androgenic and dopamine boost, terrific with shilajit and ubiquinol I think.

  6. ALCAR is a game changer. I start each day at work with 1,200mg. I have a 2hr daily meeting I chair with 20+ people on a complex project. I’m fresh each day, upbeat, and keep it entertaining, while making executive decisions that means my butt if disaster ensues. If I start to sag I’ll use some Cortex, Tyrosine, or a racetam to keep me going. But Alcar is my base.

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