Sunday, June 4, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Parkinson's Disease & Mitochondrial Dysfunction | Andy Lee, COO Vincere Biosciences

My guest today is Andy Lee who is the Chief Operating Officer at Vincere Biosciences. Vincere is working to stop Parkinson’s disease by creating small molecules or drugs that target mitochondrial dysfunction. There is increasing evidence that a dysfunctional mitochondria can lead to the onset of Parkinson’s disease.

In today’s conversation, we discussed the science behind a dysfunctional mitochondria and mitophagy, the relationship between the mitochondria and Parkinson’s disease, and whether certain mitochondria boosting supplements like Urolithin A and Coq10 that delay the onset of Parkinson’s. We also discussed the biological simulation and computational biology platform used by Vincere – they use AI systems that can be used to screen drugs & targets and simulate cell environments. Finally, we spoke about the challenges with running a biotech company.

Andy comes from a background in technology and computer science background and he combined it with biology to create Vincere Biosciences.

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0:00 Live Longer World Intro
0:34 Andy Lee & Vincere Bio Intro
1:55 Vincere & the connection between mitochondria & Parkinson’s
7:39 Mitophagy & Parkinson’s disease
16:29 Role of USP30 in Mitochondria & Parkinson’s
22:26 Vincere small molecules testing
25:18 Other pathways affected during Parkinson’s
30:53 Computation Biology Platform used by Vincere
36:50 Urolithin A & Coq10 to help with Parkinson’s
39:45 Biomarkers for Mitophagy
42:46 Too much mitophagy?
44:50 Challenges running a biotech company
48:19 Path forward for Vincere
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2019 The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research Strategy to Advance Therapeutic Development of PINK1 and Parkin:
2018 Mechanism of parkin activation by PINK1:
2014 The mitochondrial deubiquitinase USP30 opposes parkin-mediated mitophagy:
2015 USP30 and parkin homeostatically regulate atypical ubiquitin chains on mitochondria:

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1. The connection between Mitochondrial quality control & Parkinson’s disease
2. Mitophagy and the science behind targeting the mitochondria
3. Overview of the Biological Simulation Platform used by Vincere Bio
4. Can compounds like Urolithin A & Coq10 that target the mitochondria delay Parkinson’s
5. Challenges with running a Biotech company

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