Friday, June 9, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Carnivore Neurosurgeon: How plants could be causing you more harm than good – Dr. Anthony Chaffee

Dr. Anthony Chaffee joins me to talk about how plants could be causing you more harm than good! Does meat cause cancer? Does meat cause heart attacks and is high cholesterol dangerous? Can you survive eating only meat?
Dr. Anthony Chaffee is a Resident Neurosurgeon in Perth, Australia & a professional rugby player. He has been on a Carnivore style diet for almost 24 years & believes that many health problems could be avoided from switching to a carnivore diet.

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0:00 Beginning
4:15 Meet Dr. Chaffee
7:02 Carcinogens in vegetables & Why humans are carnivores
11:52 Pets & animals getting human diseases when fed grain based diets
13:02 Cancer and diet
14:42 Evidence for plant toxins
15:52 How cancer is metabolic/mitochondrial dysfunction
17:00 Mitochondrial function and ketogenic diet
17:22 Glucose and cancer
19:42 What slows down our mitochondria
20:15 How keto diet affects mitochondria
20:55 Brain runs of ketones
22:22 Type 2 diabetes
23:03 Keto diet treating Alzheimer’s
22:22 Sugar company paid off Harvard professor to falsify tests/research
27:35 Cholesterol does not cause heart disease
29:22 Why most medical advice on nutrition is out of date
32:52 How plants have defenses
33:22 Aboriginal with high medical problems with western diet
37:03 Diet and depression
38:04 Diet and autism
43:19 Jordan Peterson’s experience with plants
46:43 Veganism and depression

This video is not medical advice & as a supporter to you and your health journey – I encourage you to monitor your labs and work with a professional
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46 thoughts on “Carnivore Neurosurgeon: How plants could be causing you more harm than good – Dr. Anthony Chaffee
  1. Great interview and I saw him once before on Bart's channel. I had my mundblown when he retold the lecture from 25 years ago that informed the class of the carcinogenic load of those lovely vegetables. Bonus points for being a fellow Rugger (retired but trying to get back at Age 48).

  2. I'm a breathwork instructor, and I teach some Qi Gong as well…. So many of the people I work with, or in the "spiritual community" are vegan, and emotionally, mentally shot…. And freak when they find out I'm not vegan anymore…

    Great content.

  3. Are there plants that are lowest for these compounds?
    Some safer than others?

    I have been experimenting with elimination and reintroduction diets for years and oxilates appear to increase joint pain in my body.
    But pinto beans do not hurt me and red or black beans do.
    Im also O pos. I believe blood types make a difference.
    As a natural healer for 30 years I know that everyone has differences in what works for their bodies.
    You have to self experiment and then self regulate.
    And the entire industry of manufactured foods are against informing you honestly

  4. Clueless!! Every cell in the body runs on sugar. Ketosis is designed for written you are fasting. You got thousands and thousands of people healing their cancers with fruit and greens while this guy is going to sit here and spew bullshit about plants being bad. You aren't a carnivore you dummy. Roadkill would want to make you puke, not salivate. Nothing about your psychology and anatomy points to you being carnivore or omnivore. I hope you sort your thoughts out before you hurt yourself and everyone else you are selling this advice to.

  5. Carnivour diet has kept me alive through some heavy times, This is so true. Everything has a defence mechanism, Birds have wings, deer has legs, Vegetables have chemicals,

  6. New sub here and I'm oh so glad your channel was in my suggestions . I was a vegan for 10 years and this past Oct ( 2021 ) and switched to keto and IF and I'm feeling so much better and losing weight .

  7. What happened to the real Sciece the one of the Omnivores Humans? All i see in youtube is carnivores and herbivore people. I thought they were all dead long ago and we Omnivores Humans were the only survivors, the fittest! I hope Anaerobic people dont show up to the party. World is already to confusing without Science.

  8. I have seen equally strong, honest arguments for vegan as well as carnivore. My opinion is that those having issues with gut biome may be better served by going carnivore however I have seen many carnivore eaters having heart issues etc. Maybe if we are unable to eat a balanced diet without stomach discomfort we should be looking into items that will benefit the gut biome?

  9. Mad respect for the Dr working with refugees from Burma (Myanmar). I work with the Karen here in the US. They are one of the groups the Burmese military are trying to exterminate. I am primarily plant based after not being able to get my blood pressure and cholesterol level down with a keto diet. The older I get the more difficult I find eating carnivore as my digestive system cannot process meat like it did when I was younger.

  10. I started lifting and are very high protein I noticed my body composition changes drastically and my chronic acid reflux and digestive issues were gone. I can’t eat gluten or dairy so this diet works wonders for me

  11. I have been doing carnivore diet on and off for many years. My personal observations from switching between having plants and not having plants in the diet is mineral regulation.

    Plants seem to be massive mineral regulation disputers. I notice this most with magnesium. When consuming carbohydrates, my body requires magnesium in order to convert those sugars to ATP. Otherwise, my energy just shuts down and I want to sleep all the time.

    Conversely, if I take magnesium when I am not eating carbohydrates I become magnesium toxic where I cannot stay awake and can barely move a muscle because there is too much magnesium in the body for the work that is required.

    It is my own observational conclusion that the carnivore diet allows our body to be more efficient with less minerals. The body keeps our minerals in perfect balance as long as we are eating our natural diet, which is meat.

    The moment you go off that diet is when mineral disregulation happens. The reason I have gone off of carnivore so many times over the years is the desire to perform better in martial arts. I do notice that once you have adapted to the carnivore diet, you no longer have excessive energy spikes that you are used to after an excitotoxic plant meal that helps motivate you to do a workout.

    You really have to retrain your frame of mind to be able to do workouts without that stimulation. As I have now found that you do actually get better results as long as you stick to the diet long term. Plants will give you that temporary energy and strength boost, but continued use sees that boost diminish quickly over time, much like any drug.

  12. Oh man… whenever there is such extreme opinions and beliefs the truth always lands somewhere in the middle. There is just as many “ creditable people” and studies saying the opposite and a vegan diet has just as good benefits. These people have just found something that sticks and are going all in for their 15 minutes of fame or their business model.

    Find what works for you and your body.

  13. Veganism is promoted to such an extreme today–people need to start asking WHY? A physically and mentally weak, docile, sick population is easier to control, manipulate and exploit. Good for this doctor, I guess the medical school he attended actually taught medicine, unlike what we are seeing today. Thank you for this amazing interview

  14. I had added some veggies, over time, back into my mostly carnivore diet because I thought we needed it, but recently Ive been feeling terrible for a while now just depressed, in a bad mood, brain fog etc. Three days after stopping all veggies I woke up and feel amazing, I can actually think again it's unbelievable.

  15. So glad the conversation went into depression and anxiety. I'm currently weaning off Effexor because just going clean keto I feel so much better emotionally! I have just begun researching carnivore mainly because I struggle with IBS, eczema, and joint pain. Now you've given me another reason to take the plunge. Thanks 😊

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