Saturday, June 10, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Pivotal Human Study on Muscle Performance & NAD levels

A new human study published in Nature examined muscle NAD+ of young adults, and compared it to older adults who exercised and older adults who did not. The results give us a clear path forward to improve muscle strength and performance

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38 thoughts on “Pivotal Human Study on Muscle Performance & NAD levels
  1. I think NAD precursors like niacin,NMN and NR are mostly a red herring (assuming your B vitamin intake is adequate). The paper made an important point about the benefits being seen in people whose muscle mitochondria had good respiration. That suggest to me that it is things like Vitamin K2 and CoQ10 which both help mitochondrial function/respiration that are what is making the difference

  2. Dr Brad, do you install sub-cutaneous permanent glucose monitors for your diabetes patients such as the Eversense CGM and what do you think of them or the accuracy of non-prick pads such as FreeStyle Libre. 🤔

  3. Well Over 40 , my muscles look bigger and nicer than at 23…same as 29/30. Always eat in moderation never fasted, always flat stomach. Started intermittent fasting, stomach got a little bigger. As body holds on to calories. … Low meat, high fiber, veggies, dark chocolate , and pullups always have me that strength….and sprints….once I do sprints , I can eat or do whatever I want, body gets athletic.

  4. But the paper doesn't mention about results for NR and NMN.
    however, as Dr.Brad mentioned in another video that NR can be converted to NMN by eNAMPT to some extent, so if NMN does affect muscle, so should NAM? right? as indirectly suggests NMN won't work too?

    and the paper also mentioned "whereas skeletal muscle methyl-nicotinamide levels were significantly higher under NAD+-precursor supplementation" , i think it suggests NAD precursor was metabolized/consumed faster in elders, for methyl-nicotinamide is the metabolic products of NAM, as is the reason why NAD+ level not rise. is it possible that much higher CD38 expression in aged cells increased consumption of NAD even with some supplementation? or otherwise suggests the dosage used was not as adequate to saturate CD38?

  5. Traditional Martial Arts practice combined with resistance training and moderate cardio also fights aging. I have been training for 49 years in Martial Arts and am as flexible as I was in my 20s. I am almost 71 and people think I am in my early 50s. My doc said I am healthier than most of his 40-year-old patients. I do take a lot of supplements that Dr. Stanfield has recommended.

  6. Dr. Brad, some youtubers are great communicators. Others are truly experts. But you are part of a very little crowded cathegory: The ones that love their work, don't have a hidden agenda and focus on explaining to viewers in simple, yet rigorous terms which clinical studies are relevant and what they really imply to us all. It saves us a lot of time and prevents us from making lousy decisions based on exaggerated or just plain wrong information. It helps enormously to have someone like you at a click of a mouse. For that, please keep doing what you're doing and thank you.

  7. Thanks, Brad. Two questions:

    1) Was the maintenance of NAD+ levels localized to muscles that were routinely exercised? Or is it possible to maintain NAD+ levels globally (ie: can exercise maintain NAD+ levels in organs or muscles we don't challenge?)

    2) Regarding NR/NMN, and their ability to increase NAD+, it seems like David Sinclair is promising the world that both can/do/will increase NAD+ levels in humans (based on "studies,") whereas the rest of the world seems to be staying hopefully agnostic in the absence of compelling data. Does he know something we don't know? Or is this another Resveratrol situation?

  8. Without exception ALL of my older friends who have weight trained all of their lives are the most youthful, strong and have the most endurance – and we range in age from 56-71. I've weight trained since I was 12 – now nearly 68. Not as strong as I was even a few years ago (some of that is due to C-19 interrupting training) , but can still bench press, more than once. considerably more than my body weight.

  9. Hi dr Brad. My name is Ruben, I’ve been following your content ever since I read dr David Sinclair’s book ‘lifespan’ and read a couple of papers on sirtuins, NMN and resveratrol (you recently made agreat video about that). You are a great example for me as an objective science communicator. I studied biomedical sciences at the university of Amsterdam and am now doing my masters in science communication at the university of Utrecht. The course i’m following now requires me to make a scietific article and i decided the subject to be ‘the decrease in metabolism as we age and what to do about it’. I know it’s a long shot but I was wondering if could maybe send you a couple of questions regarding this topic or do a short interview? I’m required to interview an expert on the subject and i could think of no better expert!

    Vriendelijke groet (greetings),
    Ruben van S.

  10. I live in LA. I'm going to be 80 April 2; female. I fast walk 4-5 miles a day (according to my Oura ring) Half of my walking is my daiily exercise walk, the other half, misc walking. I usually pass for 60 -65 as witnessed by comments from people I come in contact with. I also get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water and am very careful about what I eat. The only resistance training I've ever done was at Curves. But they're closed now. I don't get up until about 9am, sometimes later, occasionally earlier. Breakfast is usually around 11. However, I break most of the other rules. Spend too much time sitting in front of the computer. Sneak a a chocolate or girl scout cookie once in a while….who am I kidding – once a day! Usually eat dinner around 9pm or later. Fall asleep in front of the tv. Go to bed around midnight…many times later. I also work 20 hours a week. My mother is 101 years old. She bowled on 3 teams until she was 95. Complained about her average going down to 140. She still takes a daily walk down the hallways where she currently resides.

  11. If you are a regular follower of the " Alive by Science" website you will find a lot of discussion on this website about the difficulty of using supplements to improve NAD+ levels in our body. The body will often breakdown both nmn and NR to nicotinamide which does not boost the NAD+ levels. This is why I Alive by Science is trying to deliver the NAD plus boosters in liposomal form to deliver it directly to the cells bypass the degradation caused by the liver. It could be that many of us have been taking these supplements with very little boost to our NAD+ levels. I would sure like to hear your comments on this issue.

    Alan Everett

  12. I've commented before about your NAD+ diagram. For those of us trying to understand the chemistry but didn't take all the proper courses like you did in school, we have to study that diagram in great detail and spend a lot of time and thought learning about it. I assume you got that NAD diagram from some book but I strongly urge you to sell copies of it as a poster or even better put it on a T-shirt or do both. Maybe you can offer the creator of the diagram a small royalty. Whatever you do that diagram needs to be more widely circulated and understood.

    Keep up your wonderful work.

    Alan Everett

  13. I have observed that deficient animals who are put on oral NR do not improve significantly compared to those put on a daily injectable NAD+. These animals are too deficient to start an exercise program without something to boost their muscle strength and stamina first. After a couple of months of daily nad+ injections, and then transitioning to NR orally, they do seem to mostly be able to maintain their improvements, although not necessarily continue the upward trend. I wonder if someone can do a human trial starting with injectable NAD+ and then following up with oral precursor NR vs NMN vs Niacin, to compare continued improvements, oxygen utilization and mitochondrial function and performance.

  14. Greetings Dr. Stanfield – I learn much from your programs. Started Fisetin a few months ago – lol. I went to the link upper left corner and read about your Rapamycin Human Trial The Effect of Regular Exercise & intermittent Rapamycin Dosing on Muscle Performance In Older Adults. I am almost 64 years old – work at a medical university and have been on Rapamycin non-stop 5mg once a week for 1 1/2 years. My TruMe epigenetic test says I am biologically 50 years. My muscles are stable and I am pretty shredded – my arms are constantly veined – no fat in arms, chest and no visceral fat (got abs, and Adonis belt). My lifting strength keeps increasing 10 -20 pounds on all the machines I use – about every 3-months. Have increased 40 pounds on each machine over the past year. I am actual lifting as much on the machines as the 20-30 year guys in my gym who are my arm and chest size or slightly bigger. I know it surprises them by their looks to use the machines after me, and to me it is pretty easy. I am not a gym rat. As a matter of fact, I hate going to the gym, but go every other day for 1 and 1/2 hours. I do the exact same sets -total body workout, but continue to find my strength and lifting ability is increasing. I am sure it is the Rapa. That said my arms or chest size have not grown in size nor shrunk (kinda funny). So, what muscle I currently have is getting stronger. Would like to chat with you because I am doing what your trial proposes and having the results that you should find in a regulated test. Happy to message on Facebook. Jason Ross Haxton, DO (hc)

  15. I have pasted a detailed response from TruNiagen below my original comment expressing concern over the efficacy of their NAD+ supplement.

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