Friday, June 9, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Low Testosterone, DHEA & Sluggish Metabolism: a Focus on Hormones

Let’s unpack an amazing new study about hormones and metabolism.

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25 thoughts on “Low Testosterone, DHEA & Sluggish Metabolism: a Focus on Hormones
  1. I’m glad Juan asked his question… I’m in my 60s and I’m like a teenager when it comes to the nether regions… I don’t need to increase the libido. I also noticed just the smallest additions of carbs in my diet and it increases libido.
    I’m full grey in the thirties, I did not go bald all my brothers no grey when young and loss their hair. I think their is a connection between premature grey and not going bald. Or my reasoning could be post hoc ergo propter hoc…
    I understand how this goes against most people’s experiences, but we are all different. BTW… when I prolong fast… I lose libido, but I sleep great, so there’s that.

  2. Just watched. Thank you for all this info. I'm waiting for my test results for adrenal fatigue cortisol hormones etc so I would be soo excited if I only have to spend like 20.00 on DHEA rather than tons more on hormones. 🤞🙏 Very informative. I appreciate all of your hard work and research.

  3. Most people are not just challenging their muscles, so they go. Then the cascade of reduced hormones. Not the other way around
    Low T in men for erections are overly medicalized. Sometimes
    1) you are not turned on by the same person because you're bored with them. Therefore psychological.
    2) we are socialized to have to marry and fuck one person for the rest of our life. Only OCD people can obsess to that level.
    3) said person you are with is invalidating your needs. Or you are afraid to leave because you'll go bankrupt.
    4) etc. Lots is psychological and emotional for men's erections. It isn't all chemical. Most of it isn't chemical unless you literally are obese or overweight and don't workout doing cardio and strength training. Some of us do and have normal T and have "erection issues" because of the above. This topic is better covered by relationship specialists like therapists.

  4. Great to watch your video, I have been taking dhea for three years now I have had an early menopause 41 years old and discovered dhea it works better for me than any hrt I have been prescribed. I have every extreme menopause symptoms and this helps me live a normal life, without it I would most likely be a recluse on antidepressants and unable to work.

  5. My son is 16 and lost 60lbs in 9 mo muscle mass hair & too many stretch marks on stomache and underarms & tired all the time. 😞 😔 😢 I feel helpless.

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