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Mitochondrial Health

Biohacking for Anti-Aging & Optimal Health with Lisa Koche, MD

On Episode 21 of C60 Health Connections, Dr. Lisa Koche explains the value of treating the root causes of disease in order to support full-body health and longevity.

Dr. Lisa Koche is a triple board-certified medical professional traditionally trained in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and obesity. She was intimately familiar with allopathic medical processes due to an adolescent battle with leukemia, but when she found herself with a profusion of strange symptoms after the birth of her first child, Dr. Koche became passionate about focusing on the root cause of disease rather than simply treating the symptoms.

Dr. Koche has since trained to become an expert in nutrition and alternative medicine. She is the medical director and founder of Spectra Wellness Solutions, a comprehensive clinic focusing on all aspects needed for total body healing including the ketogenic diet, hormone replacement therapies, and enhancing mitochondrial function. Dr. Lisa Koche has created several signature programs to combat aging and optimize health, and offers complementary therapies at Lit Labs in Tampa, FL. Her book, Get Lit and Lit Life Course will teach you how to live your healthiest and best life: to “speak your truth before it presents itself as a disease.”

0:00 – Intro
0:25 – About Lisa Koche, MD
2:51 – Lisa’s background
12:12 – What is biohacking?
14:36 – How do we start the process of biohacking?
18:12 – How should we support gut health?
22:24 – How would you know if you have overgrowth of yeast and candida?
23:46 – Are there test we should be asking our doctor about?
24:57 – What is the next step?
26:30 – What are indicators of adrenal fatigue?
27:37 – What lifestyle choices can we make?
29:55 – How about nighttime routines?
33:14 – How should we deal with infections?
34:43 – What tests should we ask for to deal with infections?
37:34 – What tools are available to us?
40:40 – What about salt?
41:53 – What about electromagnetic treatments?
42:50 – What is the benefit of inversion?
44:12 – What can we do for our lymph system?
46:15 – Who is an ideal candidate for cryotherapy?
48:37 – How to start with biohacking
49:28 – Infrared sauna vs traditional sauna
50:33 – What is “youthing”?
53:05 – How can we support our mitochondrial function?
56:42 – How can we seek out truth in medicine?
1:04:02 – Why does connection matter?
1:08:40 – How can we connect with Lisa Koche, MD?

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5 thoughts on “Biohacking for Anti-Aging & Optimal Health with Lisa Koche, MD
  1. Ken, what's your perspective on the idea that supporting our body's mitochondrial wellness by using C60 therapy to reduce inflammation, strengthen the body's immunological response and eliminate senescent cells encourages our body's ability to heal itself and promotes cellular regeneration including the production of new stem cells which manifests as reverse aging and "youthing".

    *note – it is my belief that our body's original genetic code enabled unlimited life extension (ie. "immortality") and that our original genetic DNA sequence was deliberately manipulated in order to limit our life time limit to under 100 years.

    I also believe that we can suppress this deliberate, life limiting, genetic DNA sequencing manipulation by using C60 therapy to bring our physical body into stasis and allowing it to restore its self healing and cellular regeneration modalities thereby encouraging our mitochondrial DNA to produce new stem cells which promotes and supports our body's ability to continually cellularly regenerate thus enabling "youthing", age reversal and aging suppression in order to extend our lives theoretically without limitation, ie. true physical immortality.

    Kūhina Nui Kuikāwa
    (Prime Minister pro tem)
    The Royal Hawaiian Monarchy
    government of
    The Hawaiian Kingdom

  2. Thanks Jessica, did she mention what flour we should use instead of wheat? If I have to use almond flour I can only afford 2 loaves of bread a month.(embelished) And 2-3 pounds of epsom salts? this is just to expensive for most people.

  3. 5:35 Right, we are all individual beings, otherwise, we would be all the same like apples on a tree. Individuals means individual persons. According to the ancient Vedas, we are spirit, not matter. Matter is made out of chemical combinations but we are not born out of chemicals. We are a different higher energy than matter. Only our body is made out of chemicals. And here comes the good news, we are eternal, without beginning and without end. When our body dies, we do not die. We move on. According to the quality of work we did in this life we create desires and qualifications and this determines where we are born after this life. Some call this karma, every action has a reaction. When we hurt others there are reactions that can unfold in our next life. So the purpose of life is to know all these things and not remain stuck to identify with our body that we are not.

  4. Struggling with herpes simplex virus was indeed hectic for me till i got in contact with Dr. kwaloe on you tube who finally got me the permanent cure, I am so excited that i came across him on you tube.

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