Saturday, June 10, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

DO THIS EVERYDAY To Reduce Inflammation & BEAT DISEASE! | Mark Hyman

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Eliminating starch and sugar could be the most powerful food choice you make to improve your health and increase your longevity. Why? Because it can reduce or eliminate insulin resistance, which is behind so many chronic diseases. Add to that reducing stress and sleeping better, and you’re on the way to a healthier lifestyle that benefits both your body and your mind.

In five clips from our Masterclass series, Dr. Hyman and Dhru Purohit discuss the basics of functional medicine, including diet, inflammation, stress, and sleep, and why it’s important to start right now to reduce chronic disease and live a longer, healthier life, full of vitality.

Dhru Purohit is a podcast host, serial entrepreneur, and investor in the health and wellness industry. His podcast, The Dhru Purohit Podcast, is a top 50 global health podcast with over 30+ million unique downloads. His interviews focus on the inner workings of the brain and the body and feature the brightest minds in wellness, medicine, and mindset.


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23 thoughts on “DO THIS EVERYDAY To Reduce Inflammation & BEAT DISEASE! | Mark Hyman
  1. (Harry here) OMG, I agree with this sooooo much. It changed my life and healed my heart from a heart attack. I even fired my doctor for not looking into this and how it helped me. Some of this doctors have learned NOTHING since leaving graduate school.

  2. They give free donuts to the Police! How can a country be healthy? And people eat meat and junk food and frozen meals instead of cooking fresh food! I don't think anyone is listening! At least not enough people. Perhaps a few.

  3. Doctor my total cholesterol is 260, my Triglycerides are 150, my LDL is 189, my HDL is 42 and my ALT (SGPT) is 53. I’m 27 with a wife and 2 boys idk what to do. Unfortunately I also have sleep apnea I’m 5’6 and with 220.

  4. Absolutely Love your passion and commitment to educating us on how to repair the damage of living the sad diet and lifestyle. It’s a tough but deeply worthwhile journey. I am deeply thankful for your honest and considered information and experience that is not bogged down in dogma and your willingness to embrace change and be open to new ideas and research. Thank you 😊 πŸ™ πŸ’•

  5. Why is it that people in Loma Linda, California and other places that eat a high carb diet, including beans, grains, potatoes, squash, veggies, and fruits, but very little meat are among the healthiest, longest lived people in the world?

  6. Doc, we are a group of or people who monitor our blood pressure,glucose,temperature every day before we eat, after, before and after we exercise.,and we practice qi gong for 1,2 hours a day. we believe and strongly believe the needed glucose for our organs to beat , pump….is the "raw sugar". We distinguish between the negative and positive glucose…yin and yang. The reading from the glucometer is mostly negative sugar. We have to get rid of it. It's just like bad gasoline in a car. You need to load good sugar and exercise. I bring my glucose up to 180. After an hour depending what I do my glucose is 110. And I bring up to 130 for the day, fir my simple activities like walking, mopping …Our group ( thousands around the world) do not have chronic problems after a year of practice, like joints, heartburn, backache… Our doctor is the BP machine measured from the left and right arm. The second number tells each one of us what to eat for the next meal. If too low you eat a steak or fish. If high we can fast or eat a salad. Everyone is different at different times. The negative sugar is what we humans brag…juice, cake, smoothie…which we should avoid. But the glucose you need for your organs to pump is the raw brown sugar, and we measure this before we exercise. This is the key that we cure all inflammation and all problems. It has been confirmed and tested. We regulate our BP , glucose and even at old age we don't have any chronic ailment. Even with Covid cure… Is the formula for brown sugar different than the sugar in juice or cake? That's where our problems lie. That's how we cure people who suffer from Covid vaccines. It never fails, slowly and surely. We steam a lot. And brown sugar, lemon and ginger and garlic are the basic tool. We exercise our spinal cord everyday. We dont eat frozen food. We don't worry about fancy names for health issues. We only think it's a blockage. We undo with breathing, qi gong, acupressure and meditate…We devote 2 hours a day for ourself. No doctors. The numbers on the gadgets are our doctors. We learn from our teachers how to interprete the numbers and the combination of the numbers. We can tell when we are heading towards cancer stage one and just change food, exercise, and move out of the danger zone. None of us has an MD. When we say "glucose to cure" people freak out. When they can distinguish good and bad sugar, then the world will turn around. People take no sugar…so where is sugar grabbed when low? Muscles, bones…which muscles…heart, stomach, lungs….So if they don't stomach don't squeeze,heart doesn't beat…how can you function? The root problem is there. You get your main organs well you are on your own. You have no inflammation, heartburn…That's why we don't have specialists. Just one that covers the 5 main organs. We eat one or 2 meals a day.

  7. That oatmeal story had me laughing. Maybe oats in the US are full of glyphosate. Having consumed oatmeal for decades every day and also experimented with different grains. Oatmeal always won for me for satiation and energy. Make sure you don't get instant oatmeal, get big rolled oat flakes. Dont cook them, eat them "raw". They're steamed already. Add berries and ceylon cinnamon.

  8. Bought different drugs from different hospitals all to no avail till Dr. Osaoji on youtube came to my rescue, I'm finally free from genital herpes virus

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