Friday, June 9, 2023
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The Jack Kruse Series 001

In this the Origins of Life series, Dr. Jack Kruse explains the timeline of biology on planet Earth. His unique quantum perspective incites a new dimension of decentralized possibility/probability vortices.


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8 thoughts on “The Jack Kruse Series 001
  1. Here is a new video series out on life. Do you know the story of life? Atoms are in everything that makes us, especially proteins. Every part of you is controlled by atoms right now. All atoms are quantized. The laws of the universe scale from the quantum level to the macroscopic level. Quantum mechanics is foundational to everything in this universe. This implies that, in order to have a fundamental understanding of life, you must have a quantized molecular mechanism to prove your theory. Darwin has nothing to prove anything he wrote in the Origin of Species. He provided us with observations that correlated to morphologic change. This is correlative data, not causative data. Lots of people forget that basic fault because of guys like Huxley and Dawkins. Dr. Nei, however, has made some keen observations that should make us want a better explanation. He knows it, too. When you are dealing with atoms, you are dealing with quantum mechanics. This is an area where Dawkins will have to trick you to believe Darwin’s ideas. Nothing in Darwin’s theory talks about nature’s basic quantum language because it was not discovered yet. Darwin gets a pass on that but Dawkins does not. Feynman famously said that if your theory does not match your experiment, no matter how elegant the theory, it is wrong. Well, I am going to show you Darwin was, in fact, wrong. I am going to use quantum mechanics to show you why. The key to understanding how evolution occurs is to understand the fundamentals of Einstein’s mass equivalence. The origins of the universe are believed to occur via a Big Bang effect. This religiosity means everything came from nothing at one point. That belief may be harder to swallow than the story of life's origins in Genesis. This video lays that case out.

    The mass equivalence equation, E=mc^2, shows us the wide-reaching impacts of failing to understand how small changes in quantum mass can create widespread transformational changes in energy flow. You should consider this: Avogadro’s constant is the only scaling factor we have that allows us to go between the macroscopic world to the quantum level (sub-atomic scale) in modern science. This allows us to link observations we make in nature directly to the mathematics of the quantum realm.

    Since the beginning, we know one thing for sure. There were quantum subatomic particles present at genesis/Big Bang. First and foremost, this implies that a quantum evolution began as a by-product of some type of supernova blast. This quantum mechanism evolved into a chemical evolution with the construction of atoms. From this chemical evolution emerged biochemical evolution some 3 billion years ago. No one is following these clues back to how all things began. This video does that. This was filmed at my beach house in Destin, Fla during COVID in May of 2021

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