Sunday, June 4, 2023
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Dr. Peter Adams | Cancer, Cellular Senescence & Senolytics

Dr. Peter Adams, Professor at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, is an expert in the biology of aging and cancer. The Peter Adams Lab is focused on the Epigenetics of Cancer & Aging and their goal is to contribute to development of epigenetic-based interventions that promote healthy aging and suppression of disease, including cancer. You will hear about some of these contributions in this conversation.

In today’s episode, you will learn:
– Cellular Senescence and it’s dual role in protecting against cancer but also causing tissue aging
– The role of senolytic drugs to protect against age-associated cellular senesence
– The connection between the mitochondria and cellular senescence
– The Developmental theory of aging (Aging begins in the womb!)

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00:00 Live Longer World
0:17 Peter Adams Intro
1:03 Cellular Senescence (& it’s dual role!)
12:47 Moles contain activated oncogenes
20:07 Senolytic Drugs: Should healthy middle-aged people take them?
25:38 Liver Cancer and Aging
35:53 Interferon Signaling & Immune System
36:54 Mitochondria & Cellular Senescence
41:53 Can Urolithin A clear senescent cells?
43:03 Chromostasis: Epigenetic Stability & Aging
55:01 Peter Adams interest in Cancer & Aging
1:00:33 Development & Aging (Aging begins in the womb!)
1:08:50 Aging is Universal. Let’s Unite in this Fight.

Episode Show Notes:

Thanks for watching & if you enjoy the episode, let’s spread the message on longevity. Aging is universal. Let’s unite in this fight.
Stay in good health – Aastha.

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